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In New York, 4200 people died from coronavirus, but Cuomo saw a “glimmer of hope”


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The number of coronavirus victims in New York has risen to 4200. At the same time, state authorities announced a decrease in the number of new patients and the emergence of a “glimmer of hope” that the situation would soon improve. This publication writes "Voice of America".

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A glimpse of hope

In the state of New York over the past day, a slight decrease in the number of new deaths from coronavirus has been recorded. This gives little hope that the spread of the disease will slow down. This was announced on Sunday, April 5, by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

At the same time, the number of victims in the state increased to almost 4200.

The governor believes that it is too early to claim that the virus pandemic has peaked. “Perhaps we came very close to the peak, or this peak may be a plateau, and we may be on this plateau now,” Cuomo said.

He also added that it is impossible to draw conclusions only on the basis of daily changes. To see the pattern, you must continue to monitor the situation for about four days.

Number of patients

As of April 5, there were 594 new cases of COVID-19 infection reported in New York State. A day earlier, on April 4, 630 coronavirus-related diseases that had subsequently died were reported. The number of people admitted to the intensive care unit and the number of intubations also decreased. The governor also said that more and more patients are discharged from hospitals.

The number of deaths, as New York City authorities later specified, also decreased. So, as of 16:45 on Sunday, April 5, 218 people died, for comparison: 4 died on the evening of April 387, a day earlier - 305.

On this occasion, Cuomo expressed cautious optimism. At the same time, he urged New Yorkers to remain vigilant and to continue to comply with social distance recommendations.

The governor also emphasized that the coronavirus is indeed dangerous, calling it an "effective killer." He believes that particularly vulnerable people should remain isolated and take protective measures.

It is worth noting that New Yorkers themselves increasingly adhere to the rules of self-isolation and social distance. As of Sunday, when New York entered a critical phase of the epidemic, as its authorities described, less and less people met on the streets of the city. Those who decided to go out covered their faces with scarves and bandanas, listening to the calls of the authorities. A week earlier, this was much less common.

On the subject: New Yorkers called to cover their faces with masks or clothes while walking

Health care system

In turn, the mayor of Bill de Blasio said that the supply of mechanical ventilation devices exceeded previous forecasts. However, he added that the city still needs these devices.

When talking about the number of patients, he did not talk about the turning point in the crisis. He only noted that he sees "several encouraging signs." “But I think it's too early to talk about it. Let's hope and pray, but we are not at this point yet, ”added Bill de Blasio.

The state governor is less optimistic. According to him, the New York health system is overloaded and is experiencing a "total shortage of materials." Among the tested coronavirus confirmed in more than 122 thousand people. At least 16 thousand people remain in hospitals. “The practical problems faced by the healthcare system have proved insurmountable. These are not exercises, this is not training. This is a statement of reality, ”Cuomo said.

To help New York, the federal government sent 1000 doctors, nurses, and respiratory care professionals.

In general, the situation with the incidence of coronavirus today is "relatively stable," as Cuomo noted. Authorities continue to monitor developments.

Lack of doctors

In turn, the mayor of New York continues to insist that the city needs more doctors. According to him, in the coming days a big surge in incidence is expected. This can paralyze the already tense hospital system of the city.

To cope with the crisis, the city needs approximately 45 thousand doctors, nurses and respiratory therapy specialists.

Holidays in schools

The authorities of New York canceled spring break in public schools. A controversial decision was made to conduct classes at the beginning of Passover and on Good Friday. At the same time, they insisted on the continuity of distance learning.

It is noted that such a decision stirred up the city union of teachers. “No matter how outraged and disappointed we are, we should focus on the most important thing, namely overcoming the crisis,” said Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, in a letter to its members. Mulgrew added that "in the coming days and weeks, there will be many more severe trials."

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