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Beautiful cakes for every taste: top 6 best bakeries in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of fragrant strawberry shortcakes, layer cakes with unusual combinations of flavors, and even desserts decorated with fresh flowers. Curbed I have collected the top 6 best bakeries and confectioneries in the city, where every window is like an exhibition hall, and every dessert is a real work of art.

1. Veniero's

This famous bakery, which recently turned 129 years old, was founded in 1894 by Antonio Veniero from Sorrento. The bakery was opened as a pool hall and cafe, where Veniero served his baked goods to customers. Demand for his pastries and cakes earned him awards in Rome, Bologna and the New York World's Fair. Since its founding, the bakery has been continuously owned and operated by the Veniero family.

From the mirrored walls to the intricately tiled floors and huge stained glass windows on the tin ceiling, everything is in the old Italian style. Veniero's is famous for its traditional and regional Italian pastries, including handmade Italian butter cookies, biscotti, cannoli, sfogliatelle, tiramisu and of course New York cheesecake.

Address: 342 11th East Street

2. Red Gate Bakery

Red Gate Bakery is a cozy bakery located in the East Village of Manhattan. Named after the Nantucket farm where company founder Greg Rales spent his summers, Red Gate was inspired by his fond memories of baking on warm evenings. Over the past eight years, Greg Rales has gone from baking in his apartment to being the head baker at Flour Shop and opening his own place.

Greg draws inspiration from the baking of his childhood, reinterpreting it with unique and unexpected ingredients. Confectionery products - from cookies and rolls to birthday cakes - are created from high-quality ingredients and skillfully combine the familiar and the sophisticated, satisfying any sweet tooth.

Address: 68 East 1st Street

3. Yeh's Bakery

Yeh's Bakery, a hidden gem in Queens, New York, has been attracting locals and tourists for three decades. Yeh's Bakery, a family-owned Chinese bakery located at 5725 Main St, Queens, NY 11355, enchants visitors with its divine baked goods. Located in the heart of the city, the cozy Yeh Bakery exudes the irresistible aroma of freshly baked treats.

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The inside of the store is nothing special, just a couple of refrigerated display cases housing the main attractions: egg tarts, red bean buns and traditional Chinese and Taiwanese layer cakes topped with kiwi slices.

Address: 5725 Main Street

4. From Lucie

At the very beginning of the pandemic, Lucy France de Ferrières began baking cookies and banana bread for Sunday to Sunday, her fiancé's new coffee shop. She then decided to sell her cakes, open and decorated with lots of fresh flowers - stems and leaves - through Instagram and pop-ups. France de Ferrières quickly gained popularity for her aesthetic, which is “the opposite of a perfectly smooth, symmetrical layer cake from the bakery,” says Cherry Bombe founder Kerry Diamond. This is the “shabby chic” of cakes.”

From Lucie cakes are like pieces of a still life painting, each delicately composed of a palette of colors and carefully flavored icing. Lucy always bakes her orders herself in her Lower East Side kitchen.

Address: 263 10th East Street

5. Lady Wong

Lady Wong is a Nanyang-style confectionery and kuih boutique in the heart of New York City. This is truly a piece of Southeast Asia in the middle of the concrete jungle of Manhattan. Lady Wong Restaurant offers ten types of traditional kuih snacks. Owners Celeste Tan and Mogan Anthony love to combine traditional flavors with French and American techniques.

When Anthony and Tan were unable to return to their native Singapore during the pandemic, they turned to baking. They are both chefs and both really missed the coconut and pandan desserts they grew up with. In 2021, they opened Lady Wong Restaurant on Instagram.

Among the many modern cakes, the top seller is Pandan Royaltine - a cake with coconut mousse layered with pandan chiffon, coconut jam and pistachio.

Address: 332 East 9th Street; 135 West 50th Street; 230 Park Avenue

6. Ladybird Bakery

Ladybird Bakery (formerly known as Two Little Red Hens) has been serving delicious American-style baked goods to residents of Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood since 1992. Over the years, Ladybird has become famous for its decadent “Brooklyn Blackout,” tempting “Red Velvet,” and holiday pies and pastries. Early visitors have time to treat themselves to freshly baked muffins and buns.

Address: 1112 Eighth Ave., Park Slope

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