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Apartments in an exclusive building in New York cost $30 million: what makes them special


Alina Prikhodko

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One of the most exclusive residential buildings in New York is 432 Park Avenue. Demand for luxury housing in this building continues unabated, despite sky-high prices and some glaring problems, reports CNN.

432 Park Avenue is a residential skyscraper at 57th Street and Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan, New York City, overlooking Central Park. The 425,5 meter tall tower was designed by CIM Group and Harry B. Mucklow. This building was designed by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly. Here are perhaps the most expensive residences in the city, the average price of which is tens of millions of dollars.

When completed in 2015, 432 Park Avenue was the third tallest building in the United States and the tallest residential building in the world. As of 2023, it is the sixth tallest building in the United States, the fifth tallest in New York City, and the third tallest residential building in the world.

Design developed Rafael Viñoly, is based on the concept of embodying a “pure geometric shape” - the square. Each of the 85 floors of the building has a square shape with an area of ​​368,7 m2 with six square windows of 9,3 m each2 from each side.

“It was difficult to choose a more suitable project. Our goal was to create something that would be timeless, that would become an integral part of the Manhattan skyline, its new symbol,” is how Rafael Viñoly described the skyscraper’s influence on the city.

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The height of each floor is 3,84 m. The area of ​​the condominium is from 32,6 m2. The price of apartments varies from several million to several tens of millions of dollars. The average price of apartments is $30 million. The most expensive apartment is a penthouse with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a library, with a total cost of $95 million. The buyer of the penthouse was Saudi billionaire Fawaz Al Khokair. In addition to apartments, the building has a restaurant, a fitness center with a sauna, a swimming pool, a billiards room and a golf course.

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Residents of the exclusive tower often feud with developers and each other, making it clear that even multimillion-dollar price tags do not guarantee trouble-free living. The claims include millions of dollars in damage caused by plumbing and mechanical problems, frequent elevator malfunctions and walls that creak like a ship's galley.

All this may be due to the main advantage of the building - its enormous height. Despite the disadvantages and complaints of buyers, this does not stop buyers, and there are no fewer people willing to buy an apartment for that kind of money.

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