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LaGuardia Airport was recognized as the best in the USA: just a few years ago it was considered the worst of the worst


Alina Prikhodko

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An airport in Queens that was once considered one of the worst tourist destinations in North America has officially been named one of the best. According to Time-out, now he shares first place with Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport.

Airports Council International's annual report takes into account more than 30 factors, including safety, cleanliness, food, the check-in process and shopping options - all aspects that the airport has recently improved.

Travelers can now enjoy 125 square meters of space, with 000 retail outlets, two air bridges, 40 parking spaces and 3000 departure gates.

Terminal B features the stunning new Chase Sapphire Lounge, where guests can enjoy caviar, play shuffleboard and enjoy many other amenities. Traveling through LaGuardia Airport, which used to be quite terrifying, is now much more relaxed, comfortable and memorable (in a good way).

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“LaGuardia used to rank last in every passenger survey year after year,” said Rick Cotton, executive director of the Port Authority. “He was considered the worst in the country.” It was the airport that everyone hated. But now this is not the case. Today's results are final. LaGuardia Airport has officially gone from worst to best.”

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