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Infamous Brooklyn Bishop Sent to Prison for 9 Years


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The Bishop of Brooklyn, known for his flamboyant fashion sense and ties to New York Mayor Eric Adams, was sentenced June 17 to nine years in prison, reports Gothamist.

Lamor Whitehead was nicknamed the Shiny Bishop for his love of shiny jewelry and fancy cars. In March, he was convicted by a federal jury of wire fraud, attempted fraud using electronic communications, attempted extortion, and lying to law enforcement.

Fraud schemes

New York prosecutors have accused a bishop of tricking a parishioner into giving him $90 of her retirement savings. Instead of using the money to buy her a house and renovate it, they say, he bought himself Louis Vuitton, Foot Locker and Grubhub.

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Prosecutors said Whitehead tried to convince a Bronx businessman to lend him $500 in exchange for favorable treatment from Adams. The brilliant Bishop knew it was a promise he couldn't keep, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said.

“Lamore Whitehead is a fraudster who stole millions of dollars in financial fraud. He even stole money from one of his parishioners, Williams noted on June 17, emphasizing that the bishop lied during the trial. “Today’s sentence will put an end to his fraudulent schemes.”

In their opening statements at Whitehead's trial, prosecutors said he defrauded his parishioners and others to fund his "extravagant lifestyle" and "expensive taste." They said the defendant falsely claimed to have millions of dollars in his bank account when in fact he was bankrupt.

Whitehead has fiercely maintained his innocence, including in a podcast interview with another prominent pastor, Jamal Bryant.

“If I am branded as stealing from the church and stealing from the people, that would be a lie. I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years,” he told Bryant.

Whitehead's lawyers said there were holes in the prosecution's case that lacked evidence.

In his conversation with Bryant, Whitehead said he was "one of the three closest" people to Adams and that federal officials were using him to build a case against the mayor. Neither Adams nor his campaign have been charged with wrongdoing.

“Everyone knows that Eric and I are close,” the Shiny Bishop remarked.

A judge revoked Whitehead's bond and sent him to federal prison while he awaited sentencing.

On June 17, Adams reported that Whitehead was "praying."

Shocking Bishop

Even before Whitehead was charged in federal court, he was a fixture in the local media. The bishop called himself a friend of the mayor. He claimed to have helped the surrender of a man who killed a fellow passenger in an unprovoked shooting on a Q train in 2022.

In July of the same year a group of criminals entered the church and robbed him at gunpoint while he was delivering a live sermon. Thieves stole more than $1 million worth of jewelry from a bishop and his wife, according to the NYPD.

Two men pleaded guilty to federal robbery charges. Police killed a third robbery suspect during a shootout while trying to arrest him.

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