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There's a secret lavender field in New York City that's free to visit.


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There's one place in New York City you can head to this summer to smell the scent of fresh lavender. Time-out talks about the only field in the city where this subshrub grows with lilac-sky flowers exuding a dizzying aroma.

Sit down take the ferry and get there to Governors Island, where you will see the New York lavender field in all its alluring glory. This field can be to visit for free. It's definitely worth adding to your New York City travel bucket list. June is the perfect time to visit as the plants explode in a wave of blooms. For more information about the location of the field, see here.

This is the only lavender field in the city. During visits You will have the opportunity to stroll along gravel paths along many lavender bushes. More than 500 plants play in a variety of colors: royal purple, pastel gray, shiny grape and bluish silver. Each of them is magnificent.

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The garden features four different varieties of lavender, grown without chemicals or pesticides. They are maintained by volunteers from Earth Matter, a composting organization.

Bouquet home

If you want to take some lavender with you, add some dates to your diary. On Sundays from June 16 to July 7, come to the garden from 10:30 a.m. to 13 p.m. to make a donation, learn how to harvest, and take a bouquet as a souvenir.

Lavender field manager Sarah Lerich describes the site as “a healing space for the community and the land.”

Although the course is just a short ferry ride from Manhattan, this fragrant oasis feels worlds away. The garden overlooks the Buttermilk Channel at the island's South Battery. Once off the ferry, you will have to walk to the field for about 10 minutes. Head to St. Cornelius Chapel and you will soon see these charming flowers.

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