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Personal experience: where the homeless live better - in the USA or in Russia


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Milana, the author of the blog “50 shades of New York“. During the conversation, it turned out that the man was homeless in Russia, then moved to the United States, and now wanders in New York.

A few days ago, a girl was waiting for a bus to go to the supermarket. At this time, a local homeless man approached her and asked to buy food.

Milana decided to feed him, so they started talking. It turned out that they were both from Russia and that before moving to the United States, the man also lived in poverty. Along the way, he spoke about his observations about the life of a homeless person in Russia and in America.

The information turned out to be interesting. After studying it, Milana decided to talk about the differences and common features of the life of people without a fixed place of residence in different countries.

Reasons for living on the street

There are many similarities here, of course. Russian citizens, like US residents, may lose their homes. The only difference is that in Russia they lose their apartment out of stupidity (because of alcohol abuse, gullibility, etc.).

In America, people rarely can afford to buy a house. Therefore, most citizens live in rented apartments. Moreover, if a person loses his job, then the chances of quickly finding a new one and paying for housing are incredibly small. Thus, people find themselves on the street and gradually slide to the very bottom.

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Housing for the homeless

In Russia, the homeless often live in landfills and abandoned buildings. The police will surely arrest the unkempt, foul-smelling man. Therefore, the homeless have to go into hiding.

In the US, you can see a person without a fixed place of residence in every city. In some states, the proportion of homeless people can be more than 14% of the total population.

Homeless residents of the city sleep on sidewalks, on benches in parks, etc. This is due to their status. In fact, the homeless are a generally accepted segment of the population.

Everyone is used to their existence and does not pay attention. Of course, if this person does not violate public order and does not threaten the lives of other people.

During the summer, the homeless are quite comfortable living on the street. At night and in the winter season, they often move to special rooming houses and shelters.

food for the homeless

Russian homeless earn their living on their own. Most often they can be seen in landfills and garbage containers.

There are also cases of food theft. The exceptions are charitable and religious organizations, they periodically arrange free meals for those in need.

In America, there are a huge number of funds whose activities are aimed at supporting people with low social status. Homeless people can receive food regularly or visit special canteens.

Part time job for the homeless

Not all people find themselves on the street by chance or as a result of a natural disaster.

You can also meet a homeless person who simply does not want to work. And this phenomenon unites the indicated social stratum of different countries of the world.

It's easier for the American homeless to find work. Thanks to a special program, those who wish can always find a job.

In Russia, such people are treated with apprehension and disdain. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find an employer who will agree to cooperate with a homeless person.

Social payments

In Russia, there are no benefits or other financial support from the state for the homeless. In the US, it's the opposite.

Every homeless person can claim a financial payment (about a thousand dollars). Part of the funds goes to the card, the rest is given in cash. A person can spend this money on food, clothes and so on.

All things considered, life as a homeless person in America is easier. This is due to the availability of benefits, temporary shelters, free food and the attitude of people.

However, the number of street dwellers in the US has been declining over the years. But in Russia, on the contrary, it is only growing.

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