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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Personal experience of an immigrant: why New York is better than Moscow



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If we are not talking about business, but about the household component, then New York is better than Moscow, since it is an international city located near ocean, while it is more compact, and the air in it is much cleaner than in the capital of Russia. This is written by Russian Nikita Rvachev, living in the USA, in his column for publication

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So, first things first.


The USA is a country of immigrants, and New York is their capital.

“There are people from all over the world, with their own habits, culture and language. This is exactly the same diversity (diversity. - Ed.), and it is very energizing. By the way, the whole point of the annual Green Card drawing is precisely in the constant addition of completely different people to the “melting pot”, ”the source notes.

Fresh air

It may seem strange, but the air in New York is much cleaner than in Moscow. This is confirmed by various analysts. And there is much less dust here, and yet the inhabitants of the city are forced to breathe.


Another plus in favor of New York is the close proximity of the ocean (only 20-60 minutes away).

“Incredibly, in summer, after 30 minutes, you can bask on the beach or surf the board. The waves, of course, are not like in Sri Lanka, but it is quite possible to ride, ”the author writes.

Open Rooftops

In New York there are a huge number of rooftops (open areas on the roof) with beautiful bars, restaurants, clubs and just beautiful spaces.

Probably because there is a fairly calm attitude to security, the publication emphasizes. At the same time, you can use all this for a longer period of time, since the warm season in New York lasts longer than in Moscow.


New York is a compact city. It is almost two times fewer people than in the capital of Russia, and you can get from one end to any other on average in half an hour or an hour, which can not be said about Moscow.

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In New York, you feel safer than in Moscow. And in case of danger, which rarely happens, the police appear with lightning speed and with a stun gun in his hand.

Hot water

Hot water is always available in New York. It is not surprising, because there is no central heating. Everyone heats their water with their own boiler, but pays space bills for gas and electricity.

Muji and Amazon

The Big Apple is home to world-renowned brands such as Muji and Amazon.


In New York there is a real Chinatown with delicious food and its own culture.

"With international cuisine, everything is fine here: poke, Chinese noodles, pizza, Italian pasta - whatever your heart desires (just don't forget to pay 8,8% of the sales tax not included in the price and a 20% tip)," the newspaper reminds.

24-hour metro

True, at night all branches and train numbers will be mixed up, so you have to ride in different directions until you understand how you still get to the house.

Freedom of expression

You can be what you want as long as it does not hurt others. The people around in this sense are completely indifferent, and you will not hear comments addressed to them here. The flip side of the coin is that when you need care, most likely you will encounter the same indifference.

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