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A book lover's paradise, Greenwich Village hosts a festival featuring more than 100 writers


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Great authors help readers understand themselves and what is happening around them. The Greenwich Village Literary Festival invites everyone to plunge into the fascinating world of writing, reports Time-out.

PEN World Voices Festival will be held for the 20th time in New York from May 8 to 11. Most events will be held in Greenwich Village.

The festival, which features 100 writers, is divided into 35 events. Readers will meet many literary stars there. Roxane Gay, Min Jin Lee, Tara Westover, Joyce Carol Oates and Jodi Picoult will delight their fans. You can find out what books New Yorkers read in 2023 here.

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See full list of events here. A ticket for all days and locations of the festival will cost $75, but you can also buy a single ticket for each event.

Dialogue between the USA and the world

The World Festival was founded by renowned writer Salman Rushdie after the September 11 terrorist attacks as a way to encourage dialogue between the United States and the world. To this day, the festival strives to present diverse voices and tackle difficult topics. This year's speakers represent more than 25 countries.

“This festival is an open invitation to come together as a community and sit in the same room with some of our favorite novelists, memoirists, translators, journalists and poets. This will help overcome international borders and unite all fans of words and new ideas,” said event curator Clarissa Rozaz Sharif.

The most interesting events:

  • a group of journalists - Patricia Evangelista, Jonathan Blitzer and Patrick Radden Keefe, moderated by George Packer - will talk about their risky encounters with government on May 8;
  • a conversation with Kelly Link and Marlon James about blurring the boundaries between genres in fiction will take place on May 8;
  • Jenny Egan, Geetanjali Sri and Maurice Carlos Raffin, with moderator Marie Myung Ok Lee, will talk about novelistic style and form that reveals our reality, May 8;
  • Jodi Picoult and PEN America President Jennifer Finney Boylan will talk about bias and perception of fiction among a predominantly female readership on May 9;
  • Mona Awad, Victor LaValle and Stephen Graham Jones with moderator Erin E. Adams will talk about exorcism, social demons and horror on May 9;
  • Roxane Gay, Lee Newman and Min Jin Lee with Matthew Ortile will reveal the importance of mentorship and community in the solo profession on May 10;
  • a discussion on American theater censorship moderated by Lynn Nottage with Jeanine Tesori, Moises Kaufman, Carlisle Brown and John Weidman on May 10;
  • Jessica Knoll, Kyle Dillon Hertz and Vinson Cunningham, moderated by Alexandra Schwartz, will talk about our era's changing ideas about growing up on May 10;
  • Marlon James, Safiya Sinclair, Astrid Roemer and Naomi Jackson will discuss the connections and differences between the realities represented in the vastness and diversity of Caribbean literature on May 10;
  • May 11;
  • Vigdis Hjort, Jakuta Alikavazovic and Amitava Kumar will share their thoughts on literature that deals with the complex legacy of parents in our lives on May 11.
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