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The longest zipline in the USA connects New York and Massachusetts: an unforgettable adventure for only $99


Alina Prikhodko

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Forget about a plane, train or car - instead we offer a trip on the longest zipline in the country. According to Secret nyc, it will take you directly from New York to Massachusetts.

Adventure lovers will be delighted! Catamount Zip Tour in New York City boasts the longest zipline in the country, stretching all the way to Massachusetts.

The two-hour adventure, which takes participants straight up the mountain in a chairlift, takes you through three double ziplines. The real record holder is the last one, which is called the “Monster Kata”. It is considered the longest zipline in America, its length is 1,6 kilometers.

Adrenaline and speed

The level of adrenaline depends on the speed you choose - the system allows you to completely control it. You can even reach speeds of up to 88 kilometers per hour! Are you nervous? Not worth it! Before the tour, you will receive a safety briefing. You will be given seat belts to ensure you are fully equipped.

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Those wishing to take the tour must be at least 10 years old, 55 inches (139,7 cm) tall, and weigh between 50 and 260 pounds (22 and 118 kg). Guardians of persons under 18 years of age will have to sign a document relieving the organizing company of responsibility for the child. It is better to choose shoes with closed toes, and skirts or short shorts are generally undesirable.

The cost of the entire attraction is $99 per person

The Catamount Zip Tour is just one of the many activities at Catamount Mountain Resort, which borders New York and Massachusetts. Plus, it's only 2,5 hours from New York. With warmer weather arriving, this is undoubtedly the most spectacular way to see the Tri-State area from the air. Since this tour is unique, places on it are sold out very quickly.

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