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The best shops and restaurants with Russian and Ukrainian food in New York


Lyudmila Balabay

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Do you miss herring and black bread? Can't find delicious borscht or dumplings in New York? Believe me, there are a lot of shops and restaurants in the city offering Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian dishes. And so that you do not make the wrong choice, we have compiled a list of the best shops and restaurants with culinary preferences of immigrants from post-Soviet countries in New York based on user reviews Yelp.

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1. Sveta

The institution is located at: 64 Carmine St New York, NY 10014

"The food was very tasty, I really liked the dumplings and the tobacco chicken, the fragrant breaded chicken. The highlight was the mulled wine, which was absolutely delicious.”, - says one of the reviews. However, the visitor immediately added that the waiter's consultations confused him a little while ordering and searching for a table.

2. Birch

Address: 64-51 108th St New York, NY 11375

"Great choice of food! I especially love their salads, fresh breads, cheeses, meats and ice cream”- writes one of the commentators.

"Great little deli with lots of Russian / Uzbek, European products. Good selection of sausages and meats. Good Russian / Uzbek bread is also available”Added another.

3. Gastronome Europe

Address: 307 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235

"The perfect place to satisfy your cravings for Russian cuisine! I came here when I was in Brighton and decided that I could not go home without supplies of Russian food for a week. This place has its pros and cons, which I will discuss below.

Pros: food bar. There are tons of options - they have a salad "Olivier" without meat, different types of fish, as well as Russian pastries. All this is delicious. There are also many meat dishes, but I haven’t tried so I cannot give my opinion.

They also have frozen foods to take home like dumplings.

Minus: the rye bread I bought. One of my favorite foods is black Russian rye bread. Here I bought Latvian rye bread which was a little stale", - wrote a store visitor from California.

4. Moscow on the hudson

Address: 801 W 181st St New York, NY 10033

"I come here all the time! This is in my area. Russian herring (sooooo many varieties), salmon, white fish, as well as rich chocolate pastries. The girl at the checkout is just a breath of fresh air”, - admires the author of one of the reviews.

5. Ukrainian East Village

Address: 140 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003

"The best Ukrainian food in New York. I love coming here. Such a cool atmosphere. An unexpected gem. My family is from Ukraine, I grew up on this food. This is the best Ukrainian food I ate in the USA outside my grandmother's house.”, - wrote one of the visitors.

6. Tzarevna

Address: 154 Orchard St New York, NY 10002

"Perhaps it was the perfect lunch. I want to go back and delete all my previous 5 star reviews because after this restaurant I know what a 5 star food really should be.

I don't even know where to start, but please order Siberian dumplings, black bread, khachapurri and wine here. The girl who was with me in the restaurant lived in Russia for several years, so although I thought that all the food was absolutely delicious, I didn't understand if it was authentic, and the girl explained to me that everything was divine. The curd pancakes were some of the best she ate (I loved them too, but heck, I've never eaten them before).

I can't even describe my joy from visiting this place. It was truly one of the best restaurants I have ever been in town”, - the visitor is delighted.

7. Mari vanna

Address: 41 E 20th St New York, NY 10003

"My favorite Russian restaurant in town. Excellent borscht and homemade vodka! Never ate bad food here”, - says one of the reviews.

"We went to this restaurant for the first time and liked everything; borsch, pancakes, Kiev cutlet, chicken kebab, black bread and they have the best red caviar. The decor is good: folk, Russian. The service is very pleasant with a Russian accent”, - echoes another review.

Check the conditions for visiting and ordering food during a pandemic on the websites of the establishments.

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