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The best butcher shops in New York where you can buy delicacies for every taste


Alina Prikhodko

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Sausages, sausages, steaks and other delicacies are an invariable attribute of family feasts or barbecues. Edition Curbed compiled a list of the best butchers in New York where you can buy fresh meat, poultry and other tasty treats.

The Meat Hook

This shop opened in 2009 and immediately became popular, attracting customers from all over the city.

Over time, a small shop has turned into a shopping center with an area of ​​​​almost 100 square meters, where they are happy to teach how to cook offal or butcher a pig.

You can come here with a rough idea of ​​what you want to cook, for how many people, and anyone behind the counter will help you choose. You will be told about methods of slicing meat and preparing products that you have definitely never heard of before.

Foster Sundry

Behind Taiwanese soy sauce, dried fruits from Afghanistan and jars of harissa is an Aaron Foster display case. Beef arrives here on Tuesday, pork and lamb on Friday. The shop accepts special orders, be it veal brains for grandma's croquettes or picanhas for asados. Everything here - from cheese to spices and pasta - is of the highest quality.

Japan Premium Beef

The walls outside this Noho meat pavilion, which specializes in Japanese beef (almost impossible to find in New York), are covered in graffiti and murals (there's an art studio next door).

Opened in 2009, the store sells imported Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu and Washugyu, a cross between Japanese Black Wagyu and Oregon American Angus. Meat is expectedly expensive ($60 per pound American tenderloin, $130 per pound A5 tenderloin).

Eunice Byune, co-founder of Material and frequent dinner party host, says: “Again and again I go to JPB when there is something to celebrate, because this place is special. Their meat is the definition of sophistication, and our favorite is the dry-aged ribeye.”

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Pino's Prime Meat

Leo Cinquemani, current owner of Pino's Prime Meat, a century old restaurant, runs Murray's chops, homemade sausages and chicken shop. He continues the work of his father, who traded his Cadillac for a shop back in 1980.

Cinquemani works behind the counter with his brother Sal, Gustavo's cousin and childhood friend. Staff cater to locals and restaurants providing lamb for Carbone's, veal for Song'E Napule and dry-aged steaks for Park Side Restaurant. Almost everyone who enters the establishment is greeted by name. Salespeople know their customers and consider them friends.

Staubitz Market

This store has been operating on Court Street since 1917, ever since John Staubitz first opened it. Antique lamps hang from the ceiling. Large photographs on the wall show smiling butchers who worked there from 1920 to 1980. The old cash register still stands in the far corner. Customers come for grilled chicken and chicken meatballs (gluten-free) as well as steaks.

Ends Meat

To avoid the industrial production of meat and the resulting harmful impact on the climate, Ends Meat purchases meat from small farmers.

From one 150 kg pig, John Ratliff, founder and chief butcher, gets longza and lomo, coppa and culatello, porchetta, pancetta, prosciutto and pork chops. The offcuts are turned into nduju, and the skin goes to chicharrons. No part is left unused.

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