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Book lovers are invited to a free party at the Brooklyn Library


Alina Prikhodko

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A night out at the Brooklyn Public Library is a book lover's dream. As the Time-out, the library will be open until two o'clock in the morning. The program includes live music, conversations with a guide, master classes, etc.

Annual event Night in the Library returns to the Brooklyn Central Library at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday, March 16th. The free event will start at 19:00 and last until 02:00.

This year's theme is “Out of Darkness”. Leading thinkers, educators, and creatives will discuss how to confront challenges rather than shy away from them. The program will center on confronting difficult times with honesty and curiosity to inspire understanding of the world rather than retreat from it.

The event includes presentations by Astra Taylor, Fred Moten, Philip Gourevitch, Sasha Issenberg, Alyssa Quart, Nikhil Goyal, Chester Higgins Jr., Sarah Lewis and Lee Rowland of the National Coalition Against Censorship.

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There will also be live podcasts, including Ms. Foundation's United Bodies and ACLU's At Liberty. The music program is organized jointly with National Sawdust. In addition, artists from the puppet theater Bread & Puppet Theater will perform. Like most library events, the program is free and does not require a ticket, but guests are encouraged register on the site. Typically this event is attended by about 6000 people.

Want to spend more time in the library?

The Brooklyn Public Library is currently running a promotion Browse the Branches encouraging visitors to visit all 62 branches. Each branch offers a special sticker that you can paste into your Browse the Branches booklet. When you visit half of the branches, you'll receive a free bookmark and 25% off items in the Brooklyn Library's online store.

Those who complete the entire booklet will receive a special tote bag, as well as prizes including a collectible library card, gift certificates and other goodies that will be announced throughout the project. The first person to complete the challenge will, among other things, receive a professional photo shoot at the Central Library.

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