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Manhattanhenge will be in New York again this week: where to watch it from


Alina Prikhodko

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If you live in New York, you've probably heard of Manhattanhenge. This This unique phenomenon occurs only twice a year (in May and July). The sun clearly sets between the skyscrapers of Manhattan, creating an incredible sight.

When the setting sun aligns perfectly with Manhattan's street grid, it casts a brilliant light on the neighborhood's brick and steel buildings. The tall buildings along the streets form a vertical channel that frames the setting sun, creating a stunning photo opportunity.

“A rare and beautiful sight,” is how the famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who coined the term “Manhattanhenge”, described it.

The first full Manhattanhenge of 2024 will occur on May 29 at 20:12, and on the 28th the sun will hit the street grid too late and at 20:13 it will be partially visible - only half. The second full Manhattanhenge of 2024 will occur on July 11 at 20:20, and part of this phenomenon will be visible on July 12 at 20:21.

The best places to watch

14th, 23rd and 57th streets are popular places to view Manhattanhenge. However, the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building make 34th and 42nd streets particularly picturesque. If you want a wider viewing angle, look no further than Hunter's Point South Park in Long Island City.

The colorful spectacle always draws a crowd, so finding an unobstructed viewing spot is essential to witness the mesmerizing effect of the setting sun in all its glory. This phenomenon will be most spectacular if you choose a place as far east as possible, but at the same time with a view of New Jersey across the Hudson River.

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