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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Became Part of the Metaverse: You Can Use This for Online Entertainment


Alina Prikhodko

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Now your Roblox avatar can get a new wardrobe: an ancient Greek helmet, Japanese combat armor, and even Vincent van Gogh's straw hat. According to Time-outThe company Verizon together with the museum The Met created an augmented reality app that aims to bring little video game fans to big art.

Free application Reply allows visitors to scan certain objects in the museum and turn them into digital images. These virtual art objects can be used in the Roblox online gaming platform. The augmented reality initiative was created as a way to bring kids to The Met, museum spokesman Kenneth Wein said, but the fun collection of digital items will delight visitors of all ages.

How it works

Inside the museum, 37 objects are part of the Replica app, and each of them sends visitors on new quests throughout the hall. The objects are scattered throughout the museum in sections, including "Arms and Armor", "American Wing", "Egyptian Art" and others.

Once you find an item, scan it in the app on your phone and the item can then be applied to your Roblox character. Finding items can be a little tricky, at least for adults. However, it will not be difficult for children to find all the hidden objects.

This app encourages you to explore more deeply all the parts of the museum that visitors usually pass by. Replica encourages you to interact with these items and think about the people who used them.


Every item in the Replica app has been inspired by art from The Met's vast collection of 1,5 million objects. Among the outstanding works are Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (1887), Anubis Statuette (332-30 BC), Perseus with the Head of Medusa (1804-6), Prince Holding a Falcon (c. 1820 .), Sphinx-shaped marble capital and rim (c. 530 BC), Stretching Jaguar (1906–7; casting, 1926), Vase with rabbits (late 1555th century), Helm (Zukinnari Kabuto ) (XVI century) and the Armor of Henry II, King of France (c. XNUMX).

“This revolutionary app brings art from The Met's magnificent collection to the Roblox virtual space, changing the way visitors interact with art and creating an immersive, fun and truly unique journey through the museum,” said The Met director Max Hollein.

This is the second time the museum has partnered with Verizon. During the pandemic, they teamed up to create Unframed, a virtual art tour introducing the museum's collection when visits were limited. These initiatives demonstrate how "our technology can bring games and art together to create new opportunities for arts education," said Christine Macew, senior vice president of marketing and creativity at Verizon.

At Roblox, users can experience a virtual version of The Met's iconic facade on New York City's Fifth Avenue and other famous spaces. Roblox players can even display their picks in museum racks and take photos in four digital photo booths inspired by The Met collections.

Useful tips:

  • First, connect your phone to The Met's free Wi-Fi for maximum speed.
  • Then search for the Replica app in the app store (available for iOS and Android devices) and download it for free.
  • You will need to allow the app to use Bluetooth, camera, and location services.
  • Use the map tool to navigate the museum and read the clues to find items.
  • When you are close to an item, the icon in the app will flash red.
  • Bring the camera close to the subject, carefully framing it, then take a picture to scan.
  • To apply an object in Roblox (free), click the Redeem Code button and follow the instructions.
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