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Lots of sushi and mochi: a Japanese food festival will take place in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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The epic Japanese food festival returns to New York City this March. According to Secret nyc, is one of the Big Apple's largest events dedicated to Japanese cuisine.

Festival Japan Fes. begins Saturday, March 23rd in the East Village and runs through Saturday, November 9th. Discover dozens of Japanese restaurants such as Menya Jiro, Tonkatsu Me. The average cost of meals there is $10, which makes Japan Fes. a fairly affordable way to immerse yourself in the world of delicious Japanese cuisine.

The organizer and director of the festival is entrepreneur Dragon Yamamoto, a native of Okayama. After moving to New York City in 2011, he founded Jforward Inc., an event management, restaurant, e-commerce and education company. Its goal is to create opportunities and promote Japan and its culture, and it continues to unite cultures through its Japan Fes events.

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The event usually takes place 20 times a year and attracts more than 250 visitors, but this year there will be many more dates. In addition to the East Village, the festival takes place throughout New York City, from Astoria to Park Slope.

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“In our opinion, it is very important to unite people and different cultures - through food, music, art. We believe that this can be done naturally and comfortably, and we are very proud to have become part of this movement,” admitted the organizers.

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On Japan Fes. you can find sellers of non-food products. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase a variety of beautiful traditional Japanese clothing, art and novelties. In addition, the festival will feature live performances.

Team Japan Fes. Among other things, it runs a language exchange program that helps people learn Japanese. Every Friday, everyone can join a group of Japanese language and culture enthusiasts from New York to practice their Japanese and meet new people in a relaxed environment. Class levels range from beginner to advanced. Find out how to join, here.

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