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Fashionista and beauty Sarah Jessica Parker named her 10 favorite stores in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the consummate New York fashionista: in addition to her beautifully played role as Carrie Bradshaw in the films “Sex and the City” and “And Just Like That,” she knows a lot about stylish, sensational and essential things. According to Time-out, Parker shared her favorite stores in the West Village.

She is not only an actress, but also a business owner. Her shoe store SJP is located on Bleecker Street, so the movie star knows a lot about good places in New York.

This month as part of the project Apple "Hyperlocal" Sarah Jessica Parker teamed up with Apple Maps to put together a guide to her favorite West Village spots for holiday shopping, from perfume retailers to clothing retailers. SJP chose less-than-obvious locations because she believes that “getting off the beaten path is the best way to explore New York.” And one cannot but agree with this.


Address: 450 Sixth Avenue at West 10th Street

“You think you don't need anything here, but take some recycled grocery bags with you. I've never left empty-handed before. Be sure to check out the prepared food section as well as the fresh packaged food section. And don't miss the "chips" aisle. They have amazing products for your kitchen too!”

2. Three Lives & Company

Address: 154 West 10th Street at Waverly Place

"What can I say? You will come there for one thing and leave with full bags. Be sure to ask one of the employees for recommendations. It’s not just every author’s first stop on their book tour, it’s a neighborhood landmark.”

3. SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Address: 385 Bleecker Street at Perry Street

“Located on one of the most desirable corners of New York City, we consider it a treat store for your feet.”

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4. Aedes perfumes

Address: 16A Orchard Street (formerly Christopher Street)

“Make a pilgrimage and step into this exquisite sensory fantasy. The owners are the same as when they opened in 1995!”

5. Madame Matovu

Address: 240 West 10th Street near Hudson Street

“A small boutique that holds treasures. All of them have been delicately and thoughtfully selected by its elegant owner. I don’t know how many years it’s been perfectly located on 10th Street and how many years I’ve been coming here and having a great time.”

6. Pop the Cork Wine Merchants

Address: 145 Seventh Avenue South at Charles Street


“Most friendly and knowledgeable wine and spirits dealer. The store is tiny, but it has everything you know and everything you don't know but should know. The owner and his son know everyone by name and care about everyone who comes into their store.”

7. Tarin Thomas

Address: 92 Perry Street at Bleecker Street

“This is my recent find. I always want to stop by and see what new things they have found for their customers. There's always something amazing here, from a vintage glass piece to a pair of vintage Levis. Plus, all of their custom jewelry is unique and beautiful.”

8. Varsano's chocolate

Address: 172 West 4th Street at Jones Street

“All chocolate is hand-glazed by owner Mark Varsano. It's the perfect place to pop in for a last-minute gift for the host, or to prep for holidays, birthdays, or just give someone a nice surprise.”

9. Framebridge Greenwich Village

Address: 1 Bank Street at Greenwich Avenue

“Here they will help you figure out how to frame this or that item and what materials to use for this. The staff is always helpful, spends time with each client, and every once in a while you run into a famous local artist who is also here for the frame.”

10. Perry Street Reflexology

Address: 77 Perry Street near Bleecker Street

“The best quiet place. Just two chairs, but four of the strongest, most calming hands in New York.”

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