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'My face was on fire': a woman was doused with acid in the New York subway


Olga Derkach

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A Brooklyn woman suffered severe burns from a caustic liquid splashed on her face by a deranged woman on Friday, December 2. This incident only confirms the fears of New Yorkers due to the surge in subway attacks. Writes about it New York Post.

The incident comes just days after New York City Mayor Eric Adams said police would soon begin detaining seriously mentally ill people for examination.

The 21-year-old victim was on her way to work at a Kings County hospital when her assailant began swearing and waving her arms on a subway car at Berclays Center, law enforcement sources said.

The attacker was dressed in pajamas and from time to time shouted out words from profanity.

The victim began filming a video on her cell phone as she was afraid something bad was going to happen, and the woman followed her off the train at the Winthrop Avenue station.

As the exited passengers climbed the stairs, the attacker pulled out a small container of an unknown liquid and splashed it in the victim's face, the sources said. The victim has a severe burn and needs a skin graft.

The attacker then fled in an unknown direction.

The victim over time told that she works with mental patients, therefore she is convinced that something must be done, writes New York Post.

According to the victim, she felt as if her face was on fire.

“The attacker seemed delusional and aggressive to me,” she said.

“When we got to the stairs, I heard her say: “Oh, I can show you more than I can say,” and then she splashed liquid on me,” the victim said. “That inadequate one poured acid in my face.”

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The victim described the mixture as liquid acid combined with a sticky substance.

“Her act made me furious. I was very hurt. I have never been in such a predicament,” she said. “Panic seized me. I knew I couldn't erase it."

The skin on her nose has hardened, and doctors believe that the liquid burned her nerves, cartilage and tissues very badly, but they, the victim said, "can do a transplant."

“It hurt terribly. It was like my face was on fire,” she remarked. “It was like pins and needles were stuck into me. It was the worst pain of my life."

According to the victim, there were no police or cameras at the station at the time of the attack.

“If I hadn’t recorded the video, we wouldn’t even know what this woman looks like at all,” she stressed. “The cops arrest people who jump on a train every 5 seconds, but when it comes to acid pouring, literal rape or sexual assault, anything that damages a person's mental health is not visible to the police. That's the problem."

According to the victim, the attack could have been prevented if the attacker "received proper psychiatric care."

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