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A huge water park with high slides, a zipline and a lot of other entertainment has opened near New York.


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Mountain Creek Resort is a multi-use resort with a bike park, ski lodge, zip lines and snow tubing. A huge water park opened here over the weekend. It is located in Vernon, New Jersey, which is less than two hours from the city, reports SecretNYC.

In a huge water park At least 22 attractions are operating, including the High Tide Wave pool, Sky Ride and the fan-favorite Zero-G coaster. Known as the world's tallest double loop slide, Zero-G takes visitors 30m into the air.

From its top, they can admire the view of New York while eagerly awaiting the opening of the hatch below them!

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Water park attractions

  • Lost Island River: Float to your heart's content on this lazy river;
  • Sprayground: Run around interactive water features in this playground;
  • Canyon Cliff Jump: Jump off a ledge into a refreshing pool for an extreme thrill;
  • Surf Hill: Ride headfirst down an eight-lane slide and try to outrun your friends.

Water park address: 200 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ. Tickets must be purchased online and in advance. There is a choice of season passes or day tickets.

In addition, changing cabins are available for rent, which can accommodate up to 8 people.

A parking pass must be purchased on site.

Once you've had your fill of fun at the water park, be sure to check out the rest activities and events at Mountain Creek Resort, such as the Alpine Mountain Coaster or Treescape Rope Course.

More details about everything - here.

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