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The borough's first public beach has opened in Manhattan: you can go kayaking there


Alina Prikhodko

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The Gansevoort Peninsula, located in Hudson River Park, now has a public beach, a sports field, a foreshore for kayaks and other non-motorized watercraft, and 20 million oysters around the land, according to the report. Gothamist

Governor Kathy Hochul spoke at the opening and said Gansevoort is the largest park built in New York since Central Park.

“This day, this place, reminds me of why New Yorkers are so exceptional,” Hochul said. “Taking a place that has been abandoned, overlooked and forgotten, and turning it into a place where people from all over the world gather.”

According to the Hudson River Park Trust, the peninsula was formerly the site of a Department of Health Inspection vehicle depot. It is located across from the Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street and along the Hudson River Greenway. The peninsula offers views of the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center. The entire project from design to construction took four years.

“These are the places that remind us of what New York is and who we are, especially in times when those values ​​are being tested like now,” Hochul said. However, officials strongly advised New Yorkers not to jump into the Hudson River.

Manhattan's Emotions

Jean Blair, 75, lives in the area across from the Gansevoort Peninsula and said the new addition to the Hudson River piers was a welcome one. “We've been wanting to have our own beach for a long time,” says Blair. “This will be a great place to relax and unwind.” It’s a nice change from other marinas.”

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Blair also said that when she first moved to Chelsea in 1983, walking her dogs along the river was dangerous. But now, watching the entire West Side being rebuilt is “magic,” she said.

Eric Stiller, 63, was equally excited about the discovery, especially that it would make it easier for him to go kayaking on the Hudson. Stiller said he brought folding kayaks from his father's Union Square store to Gansevoort back when it was a landfill.

“I'm smiling from ear to ear. It has deep meaning to me,” Stiller said. “It’s just fantastic because now we suddenly have a proper boat ramp and pier.” We don’t have to jump over fences.”

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