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Storm hits New York City: Authorities warn of risk of flooding and strong winds


Alina Prikhodko

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New York could be in the path of another severe tropical storm this weekend, according to forecasts. On Saturday, September 23, the storm will bring heavy rain to New York, Long Island and the Hudson Valley as far as Albany. сообщает NY Daily News.

A subtropical system that received National Hurricane Center Officially named “Potential Tropical Cyclone 16,” it is forecast to enter North Carolina early Saturday before turning toward New York.

The low pressure system is expected to be named Ophelia. As a result, tropical storm and tide warnings have been issued for the East Coast.

Over the weekend, New York may experience problems with road flooding, stormy winds and strong surf along the coast. The New York City area is forecast to receive 5 to 10 centimeters of rain, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Willingness number one

“We're expecting wind and rain,” said Mike Doll, Accuweather senior meteorologist, describing a “formidable” system that could bring wind gusts of up to 65 km/h to the New York City area. According to him, disruptions in the work of New York airports are possible.

In her statement, Hochul urged “all New Yorkers to closely monitor the weather forecast and prepare to take action to protect themselves and those around them.”

According to the representative Emergency Management In the city of Aris dela Cruz, the city's emergency management office has activated its flash flood plan and is working with the National Weather Service.

On according to the National Hurricane Center, on Thursday, September 22, the young system was blowing at about 56 km/h over the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida.

“The system is expected to strengthen over the next day or two and is forecast to become a tropical storm as it approaches the North Carolina coast,” the hurricane center said.

Storm surges of 90 to 120 cm are expected in some coastal areas of North Carolina. In coastal areas of Delaware and New Jersey, storm surges could reach 90 cm, according to the hurricane center. Storm surges in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic could become “life-threatening.”

Not even a week has passed

Last weekend leftovers Hurricane Lee passed New York but struck New England and southeastern Canada. Lee hit Maine and Nova Scotia with heavy rain and winds of 110 km/h. It toppled trees, knocked out power to more than 200 customers and killed a motorist in Maine.

Historically, New York City is most susceptible to dangerous tropical storms in September and October.

On the subject: Downpours in New York and New Jersey: how to survive during the flood, and what to do after it

“It looks like the Tri-State is in for more than just a wet and windy weekend,” Jackie Bray, the state's homeland security and emergency management commissioner, said Thursday.

“Now is the time to prepare for possible flooding and secure open areas that may be affected by strong winds,” she said. “If you are traveling and encounter flooded roads this weekend, please do not walk or drive on them.”

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