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Tax season 2023: how to file a tax return in New York for free


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Tax season has begun in the US. Low-income New Yorkers can get free tax filing services. Bronx Times.

New Yorkers who earned $2022 or less in 56, and families with a combined income of $000 or less, can file tax returns for free using the program NYC Free Tax Prep. This program provides free professional tax return preparation to help you get all your deductions and maximize returns.

The IRS began accepting 2022 tax returns on January 23 and will continue to do so through April 18.

Free tax help for the self-employed in New York

NYC Free Tax Prep can also be used for the preparation of tax returns for self-employed persons: guest workers, freelancers and small business owners. They often face difficulties in filing tax returns and maintaining financial records. As part of a new service from NYC Free Tax Prep, self-employed individuals and business owners will be able to use the services of specialists to prepare annual, and in 2023 quarterly estimated tax returns. Special seminars, individual consultations and other resources will be organized for them on keeping records and filling out tax returns.

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Free tax preparation services in New York include:

  • Full-time preparation of the declaration: you can come and complete your declaration together with a volunteer. At in-person tax preparation locations, IRS-certified, qualified volunteers help file your tax return accurately and correctly. Dozens of points of full-time preparation of declarations have been opened in the city. The one closest to you is available here to register: (in the filter, you can select the language you prefer to speak).
  • Drop Off Service: bring your financial documents to a special center (their list here), and pick up your completed tax return later.
  • Virtual Tax Prep – communication with a volunteer and preparation of a declaration online. An IRS-certified declaration preparer conducts videoconferencing on a secure digital system so your financial and personal data is not compromised. Fillers can provide photos or scans of tax documents to the preparer. This declaration preparation session requires access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, a stable internet connection and the ability to download videoconferencing software. Contacts of organizations providing this service can be found here. To start the process, you need to create an account on this site.
  • Assisted Self-Preparation - you fill out the tax return yourself. At the same time, a certified specialist is in touch and ready to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. A list of organizations providing such services and their contacts are available here.

If you cannot use free services, then contact a paid tax specialist. But be on the lookout - you can run into scammers. Check the licenses of specialists, as well as compare prices so as not to overpay.

New Yorkers can call 311 or visit New York City Hall websiteto choose the most suitable option for completing the declaration. The site has document checklistrequired for the filing of the declaration, as well as information about free tax services from the city hall. It is available in different languages. Face-to-face services for the preparation of declarations are also provided in different languages, including Russian.

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