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A newly opened restaurant in Brooklyn was named the best in America.


Alina Prikhodko

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Any resident of the city will say that when it comes to restaurant food, New York has no equal. This claim is supported by Esquire's list of America's Best New Restaurants, which includes eight New York City restaurants. According to Silive, the first place among all 50 nominees was taken by an establishment from Brooklyn.

According to the Esquire team, the restaurant ilis, located in a former Brooklyn rubber factory, earned the title of best new restaurant of the year thanks to its impressive dishes. Chef Mads Refslund, co-founder of the world-famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, offers tasting menus, a la carte options, and family dinners on Saturdays.

The idea of ​​Ilis can be sold based on pedigree and ambition alone. Mads Refslund based his dream restaurant on a concept he's had for almost a decade: locally sourced ingredients garnish the fire of burning wood or the raw cold of ice. (“Ilis” is a combination he d и yeah, Danish words for fire and ice.) This is how prehistoric people might have cooked their food, although a stream of liquid nitrogen periodically emanates from the kitchen.

Refslund doesn't consider Ilis a New Nordic restaurant. But when asked what Ilis is about, he tells him who he is: a Danish dude who fell in love with New York and learned a lot from Mexican and Japanese cuisine.

Michelin stars and more

The list of New York restaurants is complemented by a restaurant serving Italian and French cuisine. Cafe Carmellini in NoMad, wine bar Claud in the East Village, wine bar Foul Witch in Alphabet City, adventurous Foxface Natural in the East Village, Korean restaurant Oiji Mi in Flatiron, restaurant Tatiana Afro-Caribbean style, located in Lincoln Center Plaza, and Torrisi, an Italian restaurant in Soho.

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Mexican restaurant Susanna House in Leeds became the only restaurant in upstate New York to make the list, bringing the number to nine. In total, Esquire included 50 restaurants from different states of the country on the list.

By the way, at the beginning of this year Michelin Guide 2023 recognized four local restaurants with its bib gourmand awards. Enoteca Maria from St. George and VINUM from Stapleton retain their status from previous years. They are joined by two newcomers: Sri Lankan restaurant Lakruwana and expensive Italian restaurant Seppe Pizza Bar at Urby, both from Stapleton.

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