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The legendary department store, which was a symbol of Parisian shopping, will open in New York


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Printemps, a luxury Parisian department store, sells everything from top-notch clothing for men and women to beauty products, accessories and more. Soon, New Yorkers will be able to shop the legendary brand right in the center of Manhattan, reports Time-out.

In the spring of 2025, Printemps will present its first shop in the USA at 1 Wall Street.
“Printemps will open in the historic 50-story building at 1 Wall Street,” the official statement said.

In the new the complex will house five different restaurants under the control of Saga Hospitality.

Department store with history

The first Printemps store opened on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris back in 1865 and is still operating there. Today the company operates two more offices in the French capital, more than 15 throughout France and one in Doha, Qatar. Expansion into the American market has clearly been delayed, and this fact adds resonance to the company's choice of an address in midtown Manhattan.

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“The iconic building at 1 Wall Street carries the same heritage as the iconic Printemps Paris flagship. This makes it an ideal location for the first store in the United States and New York,” the press release said.

When the new Printemps opens, the building will be about a five-minute walk from one of the city's quintessential Century 21 department stores.

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