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The police have come up with a new way to combat illegal parking in New York: violators will block the windshield


Alina Prikhodko

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Those who park their cars illegally in New York City will no longer have to deal with the famous boots that block the car's wheels. According to Time-out, the NYPD has developed a new pilot program that involves using a yellow plastic box that sticks to the windshield and obstructs vision while driving.

Traditionally, police have locked a vehicle's wheels using a metal lock (block) that is attached to the vehicle's wheel, preventing it from moving. Such devices require installation time, up to approximately three minutes per wheel. Because of their shape, these locks are popularly called boots and are used as a measure of restraint or punishment for violations of parking rules.

Wheel locks on the wheels of cars

Colin Jay Heffron, executive chairman of Barnacle Parking, “invented the device with a friend after his car ended up with too many boots.” The new device is called Barnacle. In terms of use, the device seems quite convenient. Police officers simply need to unfold it, place it on the car's windshield and wait for two giant suction cups to stick to the glass using a self-contained pump.


The NYPD takes less than a minute to install each limiter, saving significant time. The device is equipped with GPS technology, so police officers will always know where the products are. The device sounds an alarm when someone tries to remove it from the windshield.

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Unlike the boot situation, which usually requires the vehicle to be towed, the Barnacle situation is resolved quite simply. The driver can scan a QR code displayed on the device, enter their license plate number, pay a $185 fine, and then enter a preset code to release the vehicle. The device can be folded and taken to the address indicated in the instructions. This device is already in use in Queens and will soon expand throughout the city.

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