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NYT: outbreak of coronavirus in New York may be worse than in Wuhan and Italy


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The rate of spread of coronavirus in New York exceeded even the most frightening forecasts. Now they are much higher than in Chinese Wuhan or Italian Lombardy, which were considered the epicenters of the epidemic so far, writes The New York Times. According to the latest information, every 17 minutes from COVID-19 another person dies in the city.

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If the spread of the virus in New York does not slow down, the number of victims will be greater than in Chinese Wuhan or Italian Lombardy. The New York Times calculated that the rate of increase in the number of cases of infection in New York is much higher than in the epicenters of coronavirus in Italy and China with a similar number of cases.

Currently, the spread of infection in New York is just over 30% daily. The number of coronavirus infected in the state exceeded 100 thousand people, more than 700 deaths. In recent days, ambulance crews are 40% more likely to go to calls. Emergency telephone lines are so busy that up to 170 people can expect a response at the same time.

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At the moment, in the city of New York, every 17 minutes someone dies from a coronavirus, writes

“Patients are brought in, connected to devices, then they die, and the circle repeats. Patients are brought in and brought in, ”said Steve Kassapidis, a doctor at the New York Public Hospital, comparing the situation with real hell.

His colleague, the physician of the New York private clinic, Emad Youssef, compared the situation in the hospital with the hospital during martial law: "Patients with oxygen masks lie one after another from the front door until the emergency room."

Doctors themselves complain about the insufficient provision of personnel with personal protective equipment. Every employee is exposed to the danger of infection every day, in addition to spreading the virus throughout the hospital.

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The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, spoke at a press conference on March 27, where he said that the city will face difficult times.

“I think people should get ready for a difficult battle. Cruel truth can help them with this, ”the mayor concluded.

“After April 5th, we may be in a state of dire need,” confirmed the words of Mayor Youssef.

But, nevertheless, it is impossible to talk about the worst-case scenario for New York, because quarantine measures and social distance can soon slow down or even stop the growth of infections.

As of 18:00 Eastern time on March 27, more than 26 cases of infection were recorded in the city of New York, 700 people died. In the medical institutions of the city there are about 450 patients with coronavirus, 5 of them in intensive care.

The number of infected in boro (as of the evening of March 27):

  • Bronx - 4;
  • Brooklyn - 7;
  • Manhattan - 4;
  • Queens - 8;
  • Staten Island - 1.

According to the latest data, the USA takes the first place in the number of coronavirus infected in the world - more than 112 thousand people. In second place is Italy with 86 thousand infected. China moved to third place - about 82 thousand patients.

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