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A freshman from New York flies to Florida every weekend for an internship: it will cost him $10 for six months


Alina Prikhodko

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A freshman from New York University spends thousands of dollars on trips to sunny Florida. A student pays a lot of money for trips in order to spend his weekends not on the beach, but at work. According to New York Post, the guy is interning at the famous Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Vincent Campanaro flies to Florida every weekend for an internship at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples. The six-month internship will end next month. Vincent estimates it will cost him about $10 in travel expenses.

“In total, I spend about $500 a week on flights back and forth to Naples. “It’s really pennies because Naples is quite expensive,” he said. - But it's not easy. There were times when I had to spend the night at the airport or book a completely different flight because the price of the flight increased.”

He leaves New York after classes end on Friday at 12:15 pm and returns to his college dorm on Sunday, leaving Florida around 21:00 pm. Vincent explained that he had to turn to the Sunshine State because finding internships in the hospitality industry is quite difficult.

Matter of chance

“The internship market is incredibly competitive right now. Applications are submitted by people who have perfect test scores, a perfect GPA. They send 200 applications, but do not receive a single offer,” the guy said.

Campanaro is a double major at New York University, although not in hospitality. Freshmen usually do not do hotel internships. But Vincent said he doesn't yet have enough knowledge compared to senior students who have more skills to get a closer internship.

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“Basically, it’s just a matter of chance,” the young man noted. “I could apply for any internship in the entire country and not get one in New York, so it’s just a coincidence.”

Despite the grueling and expensive travel back and forth between university and internship, Campanaro says he's glad he chose the unusual option. There is one month left until the end of this internship. “I learned a lot about the Ritz-Carlton philosophy, customer focus, and how to anticipate the needs and desires of guests,” the student admitted.

The guy noted that he has to study when he is on a business trip. “I don't see this as a job, but as pursuing my passions. Every task I take on is driven by genuine interest and ambition, making every day an opportunity for discovery, learning and personal growth,” concluded Vincent.

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