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New York will pay migrants $13 a day


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As the Fox5, migrants in New York will receive $13 per day on a prepaid credit card.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has provided clarity on how much migrants will actually receive on their cards and how much it will cost the city.

Earlier this month, the mayor's office announced its partnership with Mobility Capital Finance to launch a pilot program. It will provide migrant families with a reloadable prepaid credit card to purchase food and goods.

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SNAP and WIC, federally funded health and nutrition programs, already use similar prepaid cards.

“First, we want to be clear: Each migrant will receive about $13 per day, so it is not automatically $1000 as previously reported,” Adams said.

Public outrage

Amid a massive influx of migrants into the city, many link the program to providing foreigners with untraceable, unrestricted and unregulated money.

“Crazy Democrats are handing out credit cards to foreigners while Americans struggle to survive,” read one post on X, which had received nearly 20 likes and more than 7900 shares as of Feb. 3800.

“You want to bet that the crisis in New York will get worse? $53 worth of free credit cards ensures this will happen. New York will fall very soon,” another user wrote on Facebook.

Other reports say the city is issuing prepaid debit cards, rather than credit cards, for certain items at grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

What are prepaid cards for migrants

The cards will be replenished with $12,52 per person every day for 28 days, according to Kayla Mamelak, a spokeswoman for New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

New York City has committed $53 million to the pilot program, which officials say will save $600 a month and $000 million a year.

“This will be part of our cost-saving measures. We're going to save $600 a month, that's $000 million a year,” Adams said in an interview.

The program will begin with 500 migrant families with children living in temporary hotels.

Cards can only be used at grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. Officials hope using the cards at local retailers will help boost the city's economy.

City officials said that if the pilot program is successful, they will consider expanding the program to all migrant families living in temporary hotels.

Still, officials say the goal is to reduce the costs of the migration crisis.

“If this is abused, we will take these cards away,” Adams warned.

The migration crisis remains a serious problem. New York officials estimate that spending on migrants is expected to reach $12 billion over the next three years.

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