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Parking rules in New York are changing: now you won't be given a ticket


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New York will install new parking meters that will allow drivers to pay by license plate, reports AMNY.

The new meters will first be installed in Upper Manhattan on May 8th. They will then be gradually introduced throughout the rest of the city. New Yorkers will pay for parking simply by entering their license plate into the machine.

This will allow the city to stop producing the massive amounts of waste from paper parking tickets that parking attendants place on their dashboards as proof of payment.

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Every year, New York's parking meters issue tickets 400 miles long, according to the city's Department of Transportation (DOT).

“Our new pay-by-plate parking meters are easy to use and will make short-term parking easier for everyone,” said DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. – Drivers will no longer have to worry about a paper ticket on the dashboard. They will be able to use the convenient ParkNYC app to pay.”

The department plans to convert existing meters to the pay-by-plate model rather than install new ones. The meters sync with NYPD parking enforcement systems. They will transmit real-time data to traffic agents.

Drivers will also be able to pay for parking using the ParkNYC app, eliminating the need to go to a meter altogether.

The price of metered parking varies greatly depending on the city. In Manhattan's central business district, the first hour of parking costs $5,50, while in most outlying areas it costs just $1,5.

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