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Radioman: how a New York homeless man starred in more than 100 Hollywood films


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Homeless New Yorker Craig Castaldo (or Craig Schwartz - his real name is unknown) has appeared in a long list of TV shows and movies. Among them - a trilogy about James Bourne, "Miss Congeniality", "Godzilla", "Kiss for Luck", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "The Other Woman" and many others. His story was told by the publication LAD Bible.

According to reports, he used to be homeless. Almost always he has a radio dangling around his neck - this is how his nickname appeared. Radiomanby which he is now known in Hollywood.

He impressed artists such as Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg. The latter liked him so much that she invited him to the Oscars when she was the host.

Tom Hanks said: “This man is a cultural landmark. If you address Radioman by his first name, know that you have succeeded.”

Robin Williams called him "one of the best actors in New York."

Back in 2012, Radioman, a bearded New Yorker, said of himself: “I am just me, Radioman. I don't like being cornered and called a movie star. People look at a guy like me and think, “Oh, he’s a bum.”

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When Radioman was homeless on the streets of New York, he bullied movie stars. He told The Star: “I was drunk at the time. I said, “Bruce Willis! I think your film is like a cartoon!”

It seems that this behavior helped him attract the attention of the stars and they began to film him.

The legendary radio is not Radioman's only trademark. Quite often in the frame he appears on his bike - an old 'Shwinn'.

At the beginning of his film career, the cameo hero was really homeless. Now, despite the significantly improved financial situation, he continues to perform in the image that people have already fallen in love with. And at the same time draw attention to the problems of the poor.

“I just love it. I just like the atmosphere, I like the people. I like what's happening in the movie business. Plus you get free food…”

However, all these are legends, the real biography of the star from the street remains unknown.

Real stories shared a documentary about Radio Man, whom Meryl Streep called "good luck charm".

In it he says: “Radioman? I think it's a character, yes, in a way. But I'm real, I'm real Radio Man - actually it's not a character at all. I am who I am on the sets where I became Radioman. I always wanted to be a part of something, to be an actor, to act in films. In any capacity"

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