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Eleven incredibly cute Christmas and New Year films about New York


Nurgul Sultanova-Chetin

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There's nothing quite like Christmas in New York movies. The list of the most festive and magical films was published by the publication The World And Then Some.

Home Alone 2

Of course ... "Home Alone 2": he could not help but make the list of Christmas films about New York. This is the best Christmas movie ever. So nostalgic and funny and adorable! Basically, if you haven't seen it, this is a movie about Kevin, a kid who accidentally boarded the wrong flight and ended up alone about New York. He needs to fend off bad guys, make new friends in town, and have a great time at the Plaza. It's a Christmas classic and one of the best New York City Christmas movies.

Miracle on 34th Street

Next on the list of New York Christmas movies is Miracle on 34th Street. The name makes it clear: 34th Street in New York plays a huge role. There are two versions of this magical movie. One is from 1947 and the other (more recent) is from 1994. They are both beautiful and ask the eternal question ... Does Santa Claus exist? If you want something magical and beautiful, then this is the perfect option for Christmas movies about New York.

"A New Christmas Tale" - Scrooged

If you love New York Christmas movies with a bit of spice and fun, look no further than A New Christmas Tale with Bill Murray. This is one of those modern-day remakes of the classic Christmas story. In this case, a classic Dickens Christmas song. Dark, fun, and worth seeing. Again, Bill Murray is at his best! Great for New York Christmas movies.

"Elf" - Elf

How could we have put together a list of New York Christmas movies and not include the iconic Elf ?! Elf is one of New York's best contemporary Christmas movies, and is fun from start to finish. What is he about, you ask? Well, the elf Buddy grew up in the North Pole as an elf ... But in reality he is a human. One day he decides to go to New York to find his real father - and it will entail fun. This is a great movie for both adults and children. He's funny in different ways, depending on who's watching. It is the perfect choice for Christmas and New Year.

"Old New Year" New Years Eve

Next on our list of New York Christmas movies is New Year's Eve Movie! We still think of it as a holiday, so we decided to include it! This romantic film follows the stories of several people on New Year's Eve. Their love lives and stories mix and match.

"Intuition" - Serendipity

This classic 90s romance movie has some gorgeous New York Christmas scenes. Intuition is a funny, charming and beautifully written film. This is one of those romantic movies that will make you feel warm inside. The film is set in New York and has some great scenes set around Central Park In the snow! We know you will love this.

"When Harry met Sally"

"When Harry Met Sally" is next on the list of New York Christmas movies. Another classic romantic comedy with multiple scenes and moments set in New York City around Christmas and New Years. There is, of course, the classic scene when they go shopping for Christmas trees in New York. But there are also loads of New York City holiday parties and other beautiful New York winter views. It's a great choice for Christmas movies and a great movie!

Christmas - The Night Before

Next on the list of New York Christmas movies is a more modern comedy movie. It's a relatively new addition to the roster and a great light comedy film. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Gillian Bell. You know, you will laugh at them a little! Another good choice for New York Christmas movies!

"Little Princess" - A Little Princess

Next on the list of New York Christmas movies is The Little Princess. This is a beautiful film (aimed at children, but great for adults as well). This is a film about a girl who was sent to a boarding school in New York when her father went to war. The film follows her struggles, friendship and growth during this time. The film has several beautiful scenes set during Christmas. It really gives a magical, festive feeling. A great choice for New York Christmas movies.

«Family man"- The Family Man

Next on our list of New York Christmas movies is The Family Man. Family Man is a beautiful, touching novel about a man who wakes up one morning to find that his old life no longer exists and he lives an alternate version of it. Throughout the film, he must make a choice for himself what he values ​​more ... His successful career or the woman he loves. The action takes place in New York and has many Christmas scenes and references. It is definitely a good choice for watching New York Christmas movies.

"Love Through Time" - Winter's Tale

A film based on the plot of a classic novel. Love Through Time is a unique winter story set against the backdrop of New York. This is a great choice for those looking for New York Christmas movies. Peter (the thief) goes to a large New York mansion with the intention of robbing him ... Instead, he falls in love.

Hope this list of New York Christmas movies helped you make your choice!

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