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Online maps that will make walking around New York more interesting and convenient


Olga Derkach

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We all love New York and love to walk around its sights. But sometimes you want to see something new, but there is no special need for a guide (we have been living in New York for a long time, what a guide!) Or you are a tourist who loves adventure and does not want to go in crowds to places where all visitors are usually taken . This is where maps for self-tours around New York come in handy. We have collected a few of them for a variety of occasions (there is a map of the toilets too, don't worry). You only need to choose a card and go for a walk. Good luck!

Bicycle map

So, the first card is a bicycle one. Walking around New York is fun, but cycling is more fun and you get to see a lot more.

You can download it by link. Absolutely free.

If you want a hard copy, free copies are available at most stores throughout the city, as well as at many libraries and community centers.

In addition, the most popular and beautiful cycling routes are available on the site. It is convenient to download them as separate files:

skyscraper map

Well, we rode a bicycle on the ground, it's time to climb up. Not literally, of course.

The Hudson County Department of Culture and Heritage has prepared several maps for self-guided tours of Manhattan skyline locations: Union City, Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Liberty Park.

The map will help you identify each building located on the banks of the Hudson River.

The stripes on the map show the view from the Hudson County waterfront. In addition, for travelers, it indicates the proximity to the main attractions of New York. There are also the most famous buildings of the New York skyline on the map, in particular the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, as well as some of the buildings surrounding these attractions. These include the Woolworth Building, Hudson Yards and the Tetrahedron Building.

You can download the map here to register:.

Toilet map

This card sometimes causes a slight chuckle, but this does not make it any less useful.

Finding an open restroom while walking the streets of New York has always been a problem. Dr. Vansu Im, a professor at Meharry University, has created an incredibly useful map. It shows all open toilets in New York.

You can rate it and find restrooms in your area here.

Whether you need a special bathroom in a trendy hotel or a relatively secluded bookstore, use the filter option and browse through the six categories outlined in the document. You will get a wealth of information from public outdoor toilets to restrooms in fast food restaurants, cafes, etc.

Bronx Map

If you want to walk around the Bronx, for this case, I developed a map from NYC Go.

There are no ready-made routes here, but you can choose the places you want to visit and get directions there. It is very easy to understand the map - all interesting places are marked with multi-colored circles, each color corresponds to a specific topic:

  • light pink - outdoor recreation;
  • pink - restaurants and cafes;
  • light purple - shopping;
  • purple - museums and galleries;
  • green - night entertainment;
  • brown - attractions and entertainment;
  • black - art (performances, concerts, performances);
  • blue - sports stadiums and events;
  • blue - tours and excursions.

See the map at link.

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