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Nature Passport: You can add information to your New York ID that you are a hiker, fisherman and boater


Olga Derkach

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A New York State driver's license can become a universal ID for boating, fishing, hunting, and park visits. NYS Adventure License makes life easier for nature lovers.

Who can get NYS Adventure License

Any resident of the state who has:

  • a lifetime sports license (hunting, fishing, etc.) issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC);
  • a boating certificate issued by the Department of Parks (NYS Parks);
  • Empire State Passport (lifetime park pass) issued by NYS Parks.

Looks like NYS Adventure License

There is no separate document. Marks that you are a fisherman, hunter and boatman will be added to your driver's license.

Photo: DMV

What do these icons mean?

Their meaning can be guessed intuitively:

  • deer head - permission (license) for hunting;
  • fish - fishing permit;
  • arrowhead - permission to hunt with a bow;
  • animal paw print - permission to set traps;
  • horn - permission to hunt with a muzzle-loading weapon (rifle, gun);
  • anchor - a license to take a safe boating course (from 2025 such licenses will become mandatory for everyone in the state of New York);
  • maple leaf - a lifetime right to visit the parks.

The table below shows the explanation of all the icons.


Badges are placed at the bottom of the identity card of those who have completed certain courses or received licenses.

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By adding NYS Adventure License badges to your ID, you no longer have to carry all your licenses and certifications when you go hiking and hunting.

If you have received a new license or completed a course and want to replace your ID immediately, you will have to pay $12,50. If you're willing to wait until your next scheduled ID renewal, the badges will be added there for free.

How to apply for NYS Adventure License

  • If you did not have such a license before, then when applying for a New York State driver's license or non-driver's ID, check the box to add "Adventure" badges to the document.
  • If you already have NYS Adventure License, enter into online license sale system and request a new ID with "Adventure" badges added.
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