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Passengers on a flight to New York 'marinated' on the plane for 6 hours without air conditioning, food and drink


Olga Derkach

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Passengers on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to New York suffered a six-hour delay in two hot planes without food or water. They literally went crazy. Read more about the incident told the publication Daily Mail.

Flight 327 began with high hopes to leave the runway on July 24 at 13:07 p.m. from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Landing at John F. Kennedy Airport was scheduled in three hours.

However, as the passengers boarded, the flight crew, according to airline spokesman Will Roach, discovered a "maintenance problem". Takeoff was delayed while repairmen worked to fix the problem.

Three hours later the problem was not solved.

“Just sat on the plane with little to no air conditioning for three hours while they fixed the fuel tank,” Charlotte Observer reporter Jenna Contino tweeted during a prolonged hiatus from her trip to New York. "It turns out they can't fix it, and now we're changing the plane."

The airline said that during the entire delay, the jet bridge remained connected, "the preconditioning duct was connected and the boarding door was open."

This was little consolation to some of the passengers, who were simply furious and burst into swearing.

“The sixth hour of sitting on a plane without air conditioning, without food and drinks has gone. Someone on the plane started to panic. This is wild,” Jenna wrote on Twitter.

Contino, who was on her way to a financial reporting conference at City University's School of Journalism, said the Spanish-speaking woman complained about the grueling conditions and began to cry.

“She was crying — it was like anxiety or a panic attack,” Contino said.

The couple sitting next to her won $300 tickets to the opening of the Interleague Subway MLB Series and missed the chance to see the Mets play the Yankees.

"They completely missed the game," Jenna regretted.

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Contino said she developed a "traumatic bond" with fellow travelers. She boarded the plane at 12:45 p.m. hoping that the wheels would rise shortly after 13 p.m.

After the initial announcement of the delay, flight attendants came over and offered the passengers half a glass of water, Contino said.

After a few hours, hope faded, and every time the pilot announced something, which, according to her, was infrequent, the passengers groaned and shouted: “Give us the promised free alcohol!”.

But, according to Jenna, nothing could dull the pain of waiting.

An airline spokesperson insisted that passengers be allowed to walk on and off the plane if necessary, but Contino said that was not true.

“Someone next to me said they tried to get out, but they were forbidden,” she objected.

When the third hour of waiting began, the pilot announced that they were changing planes, and the passengers were herded from the Boeing 737 to the holding area.

“They didn’t say if we would have time to eat,” she lamented.

The flight crew boarded another flight to Orlando, Florida, while tired passengers crowded near the gate not wanting to miss their flight.

“I just went to buy a sandwich,” Contino said. “I just hoped I didn’t miss my flight.”

One of the passengers, having lost hope, bought a new ticket to the other side.

The crew finally put everyone on another flight at 16:30 p.m., but the airline said lightning in the area stopped the plane until 17:58 p.m.

"It wasn't a storm and they never said anything about a storm," Contino said.

She stressed that the flight attendants made numerous apologies throughout the entire time.

"They didn't do anything wrong," Jenna explained. “It was a bad situation.”

Contino said staff helped fill out complaint forms on the airline's website and she has already received $125 for the flight.

“We know it can be frustrating when a trip doesn't go as planned and we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience,” Roach said.

When the plane landed at Kennedy Airport in Queens at 19:30 p.m., applause erupted in the cabin, according to Contino.

“Everyone applauded,” she said. “We never thought it would happen.”

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