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From Ghosts to Architecture: 17 Interesting Walking Tours of New York City


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Sure, bus tours are cool, but nothing beats a walking tour of New York City. Secret NYС talks about 17 of the most interesting city tours in the Big Apple.

Walking the same routes day after day can prevent you from seeing some of the most unique parts of the city. Although walking tours in New York are usually taken by tourists, they can be one of the best ways to break out of the usual routine for residents of the metropolis. You can take a tour of the cherry blossom alleys in Central Park here.

1. Catacombs by Candlelight Tour

Are you brave enough to explore the catacombs of old St. Patrick's Cathedral by candlelight? In this pedestrian excursions you will get to know the closed catacombs better. They are 200 years old and are not open to the public. You can stroll through the chilling crypts by candlelight.

Buy tickets here!

2. Inside Out Tours

This New York City tour operator offers some of the best walking tours in New York City, exploring hidden history, architecture, diversity, and inclusive experiences. The organization is very proud of its worldview. This is reflected in the varied themes of the tours.

They have both public and private tours. And they really dive deep into the themes that made New York what it is today.

Here are some of the excursions:

  • Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO Neighborhood Walking Tour. You can buy tickets here;
  • NYC Slavery & the Underground Railroad Walking Tour. You can buy tickets here;
  • Secrets of the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Walking Tour. You can buy tickets here.

3. Viator Tours

You've probably heard of Viator. They offer different experiences in the world's most famous cities. Their unique walking tours are like you won't find anywhere else!

Here are some of the excursions:

  • Cupcake Walking Tour in New York City. You can buy tickets here;
  • Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in NYC. You can buy tickets here;
  • New York City Ghost Hunt: Greenwich Ghost Hunt. You can buy tickets here;
  • Greenwich Village Small-Group Haunted Ghost Tour in NYC. You can buy tickets here.

4. Chinatown Official Historic District Tour

This pedestrian excursion, presented in partnership with the Little Italy Historic District, allows guests to explore one of the most exciting neighborhoods in downtown Manhattan! The 90-minute walking tour takes you to Chinatown attractions such as Doyers Street, Confucius Square, and the Taoist Temple. Don't forget to try one of the restaurants while you're there!

Find out more about this tour here.

5. Haunted Manhattan Walking Tours

Embark on a journey “where horror and history meet.” Haunted Manhattan Tours offers 4 different tour options, divided by area (East Village, West Village, Greenwich Village, Five Points). Order a bartender's signature drink in the East Village or meet the creepy souls of Manhattan artists in the West Village. Each tour is riddled with crime scenes, ghosts of the past and historical tales that will tickle your nerves.

Find out more about these tours here.

On the subject: Excursions to the 'forbidden' places of New York: how to see locations that are not in the guidebooks

6. Broadway Up Close Tours

Get ready to go behind the scenes on Broadway. Broadway Up Close offers tours of various Broadway theaters in New York City that you wouldn't normally have access to. They have three tours separated by street sections (41-44th Streets, 44-46th Streets and 47-54th Streets) and others. For example, a walk along Broadway with ghosts, as well as a tour dedicated to the play "Hamilton".

Find out more about these excursions here.

7. New York Historical Tours

With 15 signature tours covering all major areas of the city, there's sure to be one that will enlighten and inspire you. Resident favorites include the Historic Lower Manhattan and Financial District Tour, the Downtown, Tribeca and SoHo Tour, the Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers tour, The Gilded Age tour or The Jazz Age.

Read more about excursions here.

8. Little Italy Official Historic District Tour

Want to travel back in time? This 90-minute tour of Little Italy's Official Historic District will reveal the rich heritage of the iconic area. You will visit Petrosino Park, Mulberry Play, the old police headquarters and much more.

The walking tour is filled with tales of triumph, struggle and cultural contributions that have shaped Little Italy into its modern community.

More information about excursions - here.

9. Free Tours by Foot

For casual, free fun, check out Free Tours by Foot. Start your trip with the SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown Tour or the Brooklyn Bridge, Heights and DUMBO Tour. A few other expert favorites include tours of Harlem and Lower Manhattan, and a food tour of the Lower East Side.

For them you pay as much as you see fit. It's the perfect way to spend a fun day at an affordable price. In addition, there are cycling and audio tours.

Find out more about walking routes here.

10. NYC Gangsters & Ghosts Tour

This 2-hour walking tour takes you through the gangster haunts and ghosts of New York City's past! Stroll through downtown Manhattan's most famous neighborhoods (Five Points, Chinatown, Little Italy, West Village) and learn about the secret parties and secret underground tunnels used by bootleggers throughout the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

Haunted houses and old crime scenes will make you a little nervous.

More information about these excursions - here.

11. Like a Local Tours

Get ready to literally feel like a “native” with Like a Local Tours! With the help of their guides, they help locals and tourists discover New York City through food, fashion, art, history and immersive experiences. Here you will be offered both general and private excursions. There are even social impact tours that give tourists the chance to make a difference in the New York City community while they're there.

Experts recommend starting with the Flatiron Food, History, & Architecture Tour. You can buy tickets here.

12. On Location Tours

Ready to feel like you're on a movie set? On Location Tours in NYC specializes in walking tours of film locations and television productions. You will immediately feel like the main character.

Experts recommend starting with the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour. You can buy tickets here.

13. Bowery Official Historic District Tour

It was originally a Native American hiking trail and Dutch farm road. Bowery is the oldest street in New York. This area with a rich history was once the entertainment center of the Big Apple, the center of literature, and improvisational jazz. Here Such iconic artists as Mark Rothko and Maya Lin began their work.

More information about these excursions - here.

14. Real New York Tours

Real New York Tours shows the city as it is. Company founders Luke and Amber, New Yorkers, will show you how to admire the metropolis. Their tours vary in location and duration, so you'll have to check online for details. For example, they have a classic Midtown itinerary or even a 3-hour downtown tour.

People love the charisma these two bring to their excursions!

For more information about their excursions, see here.

15. Foods of NY Tours

If you're looking for a walking tour of New York City that's actually less walking and more food, Foods of NY Tours is for you!

On seven delicious tours of New York's historic neighborhoods, you'll connect with fellow New Yorkers over warm meals and even warmer conversation. Tours combine food, history and culture. Experts recommend the Heart and Soul of Greenwich Village tour, the Flavors of Chinatown tour and the Secrets of Little Italy tour!

Find out more about them here.

16. Manhattan Walking Tour

If you're looking for a relaxed, enjoyable experience where you'll feel like a friend is showing you around, Manhattan Walking Tour would be happy to be your guide. Groups here are small, maximum eight people! They allow you to make friends, discover new delicious foods, and simply enjoy a day outside.

Tours range from delicious eateries to architectural discoveries. Everyone will find a route that suits them. Organizers offer combined excursions of two, four or even a full six hours.

Find more information about tours here

17. True Tales of NYC Walking Tours

Most tours are in the East Village area, such as the delicious East Village Food and East Village Dessert Tours. But they also have good historical tours! The True Tales of the East Village tour and the True Tales of Greenwich Village are walking tours that tell the stories of the artists, eccentrics and provocateurs who have lived in these areas since the 1950s!

More information about these excursions - here.

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