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New York has the most expensive pizza in America


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A new study has found that New York is the city with the most expensive pizza in the US, reports Time-out.

According to a report published Clever Real Estate earlier this year, the average cost of a large whole cheese pizza in the metropolitan area was $28,60, about double the price in Richmond, Virginia. According to a survey, it has the cheapest food in the entire country ($14,75 per pizza). This figure is significantly higher than the average cost ($19,34) of a whole pizza in the United States as a whole.

According to the study, this is about 4% more than last year. Read about 9 places in New York for those who love delicious food and adventure in our material.

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Clever Real Estate compared the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. She analyzed the data in a number of categories:

  • average Yelp rating for local residents;
  • restaurant analysis;
  • local Google search volume for pizza-related terms;
  • the cost of a large pizza each week as a percentage of average annual income;
  • local price of a large pepperoni pizza and so on.

Based on all this information, the company discovered that New York pizza was considered the best in the country. Read about 10 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city with low prices in our article.

The Ten Most Expensive US Cities for Pizza Prices

  • 1. New York, New York: $28,60.
  • 2. Chicago, IL: $27,66.
  • 3. Orlando, Florida: $25,35.
  • 4. Los Angeles, California: $25,05.
  • 5. Las Vegas, Nevada: $24,85.
  • 6. San Jose, California: $24,40.
  • 7. San Diego, California: $22,70.
  • 8. Seattle, Washington: $21,70.
  • 9. Austin, Texas: $21,50.
  • 10. Kansas City, Missouri: $21,49.

The Ten Most Affordable US Cities for Pizza Prices

  • 1. Richmond, Virginia: $14,75.
  • 2. Charlotte, North Carolina: $15,52.
  • 3. Cleveland, Ohio: $15,64.
  • 4. Pittsburgh, PA: $15,90.
  • 5. Baltimore, MD: $15,98.
  • 6. Riverside, California: $15,99.
  • 7. Phoenix, Arizona: $16,30.
  • 8. Detroit, Michigan: $16,36.
  • 9. Oklahoma City, OK: $16,40.
  • 10. Virginia Beach, VA: $16,59.
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