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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Pajamas, embroidered shirts and dumplings: top 8 Ukrainian businesses in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Since the late 1800s, New York has been home to a vibrant Ukrainian community whose influence is felt throughout the city. The presence of Ukrainian Americans in New York is most evident in Ukrainian Village, a neighborhood located in the East Village. Brown Harris Stevens.

There are many Ukrainian businesses in Ukrainian Village and beyond that are loved for their delicious food, great selection of clothing and accessories, and high quality services. Here are eight of our favorite companies recommended by Brown Harris Stevens agents.

Keuka Cafe

This is a new American restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens. Owner and chef Oleg (Olli) Sakhno and his wife Olga have created a cozy space that serves some of the best domestic and international wines. They have a varied menu that goes great with drinks. Indulge in meat and cheese platters, smoked duck breast, and a Jewel Avenue sandwich made with smoked salmon.


For a truly authentic experience, visit Streecha in the East Village. Its name means "meeting" or "meeting". Streecha is a local favorite among Ukrainian Americans in New York. On the menu you will find borscht, dumplings, cabbage rolls, goulash and much more.

Honey Scent

Honey Scent is a beauty salon owned by Ukrainian entrepreneur and cosmetologist Valeria Laskaridis. The salon is known for cutting-edge eyebrow and eyelash care services, including eyelash lamination and branded brow fixation. It enhances and perfects your brows without the use of permanent makeup.

Lera Wear

Pamper yourself with pajamas from Lera Wear. This boutique offers silk and linen pajamas made in Ukraine. These pajamas can easily be put on for going out, enjoying their comfort and flexibility. With Lera Wear, you can really go to work or school in pajamas.


No list of Ukrainian businesses in New York would be complete without Veselka. This New York City establishment has been serving authentic Ukrainian cuisine in the East Village since 1954. Dumplings and borscht in the restaurant are among the most popular dishes. Here you can often see a line stretching all over the block to try them. 100% of the money from sales of borscht is donated by the owners of the establishment to the organization Razom for Ukraine.

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Located in the heart of the Ukrainian community in the East Village, Arka has been introducing Eastern European culture to Manhattan residents since 1951. Here you can find traditional clothes, as well as historical books, folk art, sculptures, paintings, antiques, as well as wonderful gifts.

East Village Meat Market

The East Village Meat Market, owned by Ukrainian native Julian Bachinsky, offers fresh cold cuts, premium cold cuts, smoked hams, and signature Eastern European meats. Their famous smoked sausage is prepared daily. In solidarity with Ukraine, the East Village Meat Market is donating to the Razom for Ukraine Foundation.


Founded by Kharkiv-born Sveta Savchyts, West Village is renowned for its Ukrainian hospitality as well as dumplings, dumplings and a wide selection of other European-inspired dishes.

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