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Small and large, popular and secret: 12 best beaches in New York


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Summer is almost here, so it won't be long before you can hit the beach! Take your friends or family with you and enjoy the warm sun, sea breeze, and the splash of waves on the best, according to SecretNYC, beaches of the Big Apple.

Most beaches New York City will officially reopen next weekend, May 25th. From this day on, rescuers will be on duty every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Don't know where to go to enjoy the sun? We offer best New York City beaches where you can spend a relaxing summer day.

1 Jacob Riis Park Beach, Queens

  • Where: 157 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

This pristine beach with landscaped paths has plenty of space for oceanfront lounging. There are plenty of restaurants here including the Rockaway Clam Bar, Riis Park Beach Bazaar and more!

2.Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

  • Where: Atlantic Ocean, from W. 37th Street to Ocean Parkway.

The famous New York beach boasts 5 kilometers of sun and sand. Volleyball and basketball courts are usually open here for active recreation. Plus, for a bit of a thrill, you can visit one of their iconic amusement parks, ride the world famous Cyclone, and of course grab a hot dog from Nathan's!

On the subject: Drones will be used instead of lifeguards on New York beaches: how it works

If you're looking for the perfect combination of sun, sand and fun for a beach day, Coney Island Beach is one of your best options.

3.Orchard Beach, Bronx

  • Where: Long Island Sound in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx.

Orchard Beach is the only public beach in the Bronx. It is artificial, built back in the 1930s. Its length is 1,6 km. This beach boasts a promenade, a central pavilion, snack bars and other amenities. Since its renovation a few years ago, it has become the perfect place to enjoy the sunset on the boardwalk or even stroll through the wooded surroundings.

Parking costs $8 Monday through Friday for passenger cars and $10 on weekends and holidays. Parking for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles is $13 on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

4 Rockaway Beach, Queens

  • Where: Atlantic Ocean, from Beach 9th Street, Far Rockaway, to Beach 149th Street, Neponsit.

Rockaway Beach is a favorite spot for surfers and is the only legal surf beach in the city. It offers many activities. Along the Rockaway Peninsula there is a boardwalk with bike and skate paths.

5.Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

  • Where: Atlantic Ocean, from Ocean Parkway to Corbin Place.

If you want to try something less crowded, then this beach is for you. It is located in the area known as Little Odessa and will delight you with Eastern European restaurants and shops.

6. Fort Tilden Beach, Queens

  • Where: Center Rd, Breezy Point.

This location in Breezy Point is more discreet and secluded. Swimming is prohibited here, so there are no lifeguards on duty. So get some sunbathing or go fishing!

The nearest parking is in Riis - it will take a short walk to get there. You can, among other things, explore the historical element of the fort, built in 1917. It's worth climbing to the top to admire panoramic views of the beach.

7. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

  • Where: Atlantic Ocean, Oriental Blvd., from Ocean Avenue to Mackenzie Street.

The beach is located in Brooklyn (to be precise, east of Brighton and Coney Island). This tranquil location attracts locals with its more family-friendly atmosphere.

Parking fee: $7 - Monday through Friday, $22 - on weekends and holidays.

8. South Beach, Staten Island

  • Where: Lower New York Bay, Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field, Midland Beach.

This Staten Island beach offers stunning views of the Verrazano Bridge. It also has a boardwalk, scenic bike paths, a fishing pier and a special park designed for seniors. Parking is free.

9. Midland Beach, Staten Island

  • Where: Lower New York Bay, Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field, Midland Beach.

The beach is located next to South Beach, on the other side of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk. It is generally less crowded and has tennis and shuffleball courts and a children's fountain with sea turtles. Parking is free.

10. Wolfe's Pond Beach, Staten Island

  • Where: Raritan Bay and Prince's Bay, Holton to Cornelia Avenues.

The beach has been called "the city's best kept secret." It's a little smaller than the others on Staten Island, but less famous, so it's quiet and not crowded. Parking is free.

11. Jones Beach, Wanta

  • Where: Jones Beach State Park, NY.

Although small in size, this nearby beach has received expert approval. The 10 km long section is ideal for swimming, relaxing and many activities. These include miniature golf, batting cages, shuffleboard, a swimming pool and a state-of-the-art Northwell Health Center.

12. Long Beach, Long Island

  • Where: Long Beach, NY.

This place is recognized as one of the cleanest beaches near New York. The beach has a fee but is definitely worth a day of your time.

Long Beach is known as the "city by the sea" for its combination of great oceanfront activities and a stunning waterfront beach. To get there, simply take the LIRR to Long Beach Station, which is just steps from the sandy beach.

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