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How to find out the water quality on New York beaches


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On May 26, the New York City Department of Health issued water quality warnings at some beaches. This means that swimming in these waters is unsafe, reports Pixx11.


The list of beaches where the water quality leaves much to be desired is constantly updated. You can see real-time updates here.

At the time of publication, the Department was warning about such unsafe beaches:

  • American Turner;
  • Douglaston Manor;
  • White Cross Fishing Club;
  • Whitestone Booster Civic Association.

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Danger may be caused by water quality problems

Found in water:

  • medical or infectious waste;
  • floating debris;
  • toxic pollution;
  • petroleum products;
  • discharge of wastewater after heavy rains.

To check the status beaches New York, call 311, text "BEACH" to 55676 or check the water quality map for New York City beaches here.

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