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Why not every US resident can get a dog even if they want and have money


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Many immigrants from post-Soviet countries, when moving to America, notice that not so many of their neighbors keep pets. Author 50 shades of New York found out the main reasons why people refuse to have a furry pet.

“On our block, there is only one elderly American woman who has a cat, and no one else has pets,” Milana said. She called her friend, who married an American. And she explained that getting a pet in the States is troublesome and expensive. She also wanted a cat and even went to the shelter for her, but her husband dissuaded her.

The fact is that in America the keeping and breeding of pets is strictly regulated. The pet must certainly have a license and a passport with all the information, including annual preventive examinations at the veterinarian. If your dog goes outside without a collar with a special dog tag, he will be caught and taken to a shelter. And you will be fined a considerable amount.

Unlike Russia, there are practically no street cats and dogs in America. Here you can not be afraid that a small child will take pity on a kitten or puppy on the street and bring it into the house. But finding a puppy for free is unlikely to succeed. An annual license to keep a dog costs the owner $20-60, and it's cheaper if it is spayed.

You can buy a purebred puppy for at least $1000

To save money, you can take a pet in a shelter. But this is practically an adoption procedure. Here you are asked about the annual income, conditions in the house, the size of housing. And if the apartment is rented, then they will require the permission of the landlord.

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If everything is in order, then in the shelter the dog is immediately vaccinated at the expense of the client, sterilized if desired, insurance and a license are issued. A non-pedigree puppy will cost about $ 100, with a pedigree - much more. But even then, you will have to renew your license every year and certainly visit a veterinarian. And there, a simple preventive examination costs $200-250, and serious services are many times more expensive.

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You can only walk your dog on a leash and in a muzzle, regardless of size. And do not forget to control her behavior. If the dog inadvertently stains a passerby or even rubs himself against him, the case may not be limited to a fine and go to trial. It is impossible to ignore the needs of the dog, and it will not work. If she barks loudly, the neighbors will call the police and the owner will be fined.

“In general, having learned about the number of difficulties, I was forced to refuse the children in their request,” the woman admitted.

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