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Gifts for food lovers: 8 interesting ideas in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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We all know that booking a table at a cool New York restaurant for the holidays is something beyond reality. And although you may not be able to get into one of the city's famous establishments, you can give someone a piece of the mood from there. Eater New York compiled a list of the best New York gifts for food lovers.

1. Michael's Legendary Red Sauce

Even if you've never tried this Italian restaurant in South Brooklyn, you probably know that it makes some great sauces. The restaurant recently introduced a new gift set for the holidays. It includes homemade gravy, marinara sauce, pasta that will undoubtedly delight customers, and children's clothing with the symbols of the restaurant - a gift set primarily aimed at new parents.

2. Hard to find Vietnamese spices and seasonings

A Vietnamese spices and seasonings brand specializing in hard-to-get items launched in New York City earlier this year. Vietnamese immigrants Thuo Bui and Duy You opened a pop-up in the city An Xoiand then launched the brand Van Van, which is already being distributed among chefs. For example, Helen Nguyen of the Saigon Social restaurant on the Lower East Side is a big fan of it. The brand offers seasonings based on lemongrass, ginger, chili, purple shallots and various types of garlic. The gift set allows you to try a little of all the products.

3. Wines Made in New York State

Alfie Alcantara and Dianna Urciuoli, the husband and wife team who created the company Dear Native Grapes, opened their own wine company in 2020. Their goal is to revive the traditional grape in New York, which was common in the state back in the 1800s. Dear Native Grapes makes several wines on their farm in the Delaware County Catskills and ships locally. Price per bottle – from $22.

4. Marijuana treats

Ha's Dac Diet, one of New York's busiest restaurant pop-ups, has partnered with Rose Los Angeles, a cannabis-infused food brand. For their gift set, they chose plum-flavored “weed” treats. There are 20 pieces in a box.

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5. Tea for home comfort

Kolkata Chai Co. – this is not just a cafe: it is a lifestyle. Brothers Ani and Ayan Sanyal opened their first East Village location in 2019 with a mission to bring masala chai back to its South Asian roots. Their tea is delicious and has attracted many fans, leading to the opening of a second cafe in Nolita. Now you can have your eye on one of several tea gift sets this season to sip at home.

6. Adobo from one of Brooklyn's best taquerias

Taqueria Ramirez, one of New Yorkers' favorite taco spots, sells jarred versions of its adobo sauce - the same one used in their famous al pastor tacos. Pickup is only available at Taqueria Ramirez.

7. Soothing teas

Tea Masha conquered many cafes, restaurants and even hotels in New York. This holiday season, soothe yourself with one of several Masha Tea gift set options or gift one to your friends.

8. Canned fish from Hart's and Cervo's

Last year, the team behind Hart's and Cervo's restaurants released their line of canned fish called Minnows. Their latest product is walnut snails preserved in brine. This is the perfect gift for those who want to recreate the atmosphere of a French bistro in their home. For the less adventurous, there are other canned foods, such as sardines, that are suitable for creating an appetizer cheese board.

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