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An underpass in the Bronx has turned into a drug den: residents are afraid to walk the streets


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A subway underpass in the Bronx has become an open-air drug market. Because of this, local residents are afraid to even walk down the street, reports New York Post.

The Kingsbridge D-train underpass has become a hotspot for drug use and sales since the end of the pandemic.

Zombie-like drug addicts are shooting up in public—and no one is doing anything about it, according to residents and Democratic City Councilman Oswald Felis.

“Illegal drug sales and use, as well as other quality of life issues, have made the underpass dangerous and impassable on some days,” Feliz wrote in a scathing letter to the city Department of Transportation last month.

Real danger

Used needles litter the underpass, and tramps sneak under the overpass to buy or take drugs amid the trash-strewn sidewalk.

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“It’s not safe,” Draya’s mom Michelle said as she dropped off her XNUMX-year-old daughter at home nearby. “I take Metro North just to avoid going that route.” I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go down this underground passage because you don’t know what will happen to you.”

“And no one will come to save you, that’s for sure,” Michelle added, saying the officers were “just standing there and watching.”

She wasn't the only frustrated local parent.

Another mother, who gave her name only as T. Charles, said she no longer felt safe in her neighborhood.

“I only use this underground passage if the elevator is not working and my daughter is in a stroller,” she said.

“You see people injecting themselves, and then you see just a whole bunch of needles, and sometimes you see the same people on the stairs at the other entrance in the back. This is where they sleep and eat,” she said.

Locals say drug addicts roam the area during the day looking for money to buy drugs, with illegal activity picking up later in the day when residents begin to retreat to their homes.

"It's crazy," said area resident Brian Calle.

"I have children. We can’t go there because there are a lot of people sleeping and doing drugs there,” he said. – It’s scary to walk there. Nobody does anything. I don’t want my children to grow up in an area like this.”

Feliz, in a scathing Nov. 25 letter obtained by The Post, accused DOT of inaction.

“Your agency has received many ideas about simple steps you can take that are within your power, but your agency has refused to do anything,” Feliz wrote in his letter.

He said it's not the only problem spot in the area, noting that Fordham Plaza is such a neglected place that the iconic Bronx Night Market was forced to close. This is despite the fact that just seven years ago, $34 million was spent on renovating the square, according to the politician.

“If you took basic steps to revitalize the plaza, we would have the vibrant gathering space residents were promised,” Feliz wrote.

A DOT spokesman said the agency is aware of this and is working on it.

“Complex problems require a multi-agency approach, and the Adams Administration is mobilizing its resources to ensure safe streets and positive public spaces in the Bronx,” the statement said. “We are working with stakeholders in both locations and are in extensive discussions with the Bronx Night Market about a long-term commitment.”

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