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You can hike with alpacas and llamas at a farm near New York City


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At Clover Brooke Farm in Hyde Park, New York, anyone can wander through the pastures with a llama or alpaca, reports SecretNYC.

The weather is getting nicer, making it the perfect time to plan a camping trip with your furry friends.

Clover Brooke is located approximately two hours from New York City. Here, with a guide, you can wander with your very own llama or alpaca through pastures and past a perch pond.

Clover Brook Farm

This farm was founded in 2016 and is home to llamas, alpacas, sheep, dairy goats and pygmy goats. There is an orchard, a hop field, beehives and more.

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The farm was built back in the 1850s. There are now restored stone walls, historic barns and an XNUMXth-century farmhouse.

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What where When

The llama or alpaca hike lasts 90 minutes. It includes a tour of the farm and meeting other animals. Hiking schedules vary depending on the weather, but are almost always booked on weekends.

This is not a very strenuous hike. It follows well-maintained and beautiful trails, so there are plenty of opportunities to take selfies with your furry friends along the way.

The hike is open to adults and children over 8 years of age, and all participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Advance booking required. You must purchase tickets in advance for this event for $50. It can be done here.

What else does the farm do?

For animal lovers, the farm organizes, among other things, walks with goats and donkeys, yoga classes with llamas and alpacas, as well as rabbits. You can also take part in soap making, brewing, painting and gardening.

Find out more information here.

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