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'Friends' fans gather at iconic locations from the series to honor Matthew Perry


Alina Prikhodko

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Condolences are pouring in from around the world for “Friends” star Matthew Perry, and a memorial is growing outside the iconic “Friends” apartment in the West Village, according to reports. ABC7.

Although the series was not filmed in this building in Manhattan, it has long been a destination for viewers from all over the world. It was in this building, located on the corner of Bedford and Grove Streets, that exteriors for the hit series were filmed.

“I’m happy that I can come here and be closer to him,” said “Friends” fan Eliza Alix. Fans also gathered at the Friends Experience in the Flatiron area of ​​Manhattan.

Police found Perry in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home on Saturday afternoon. The cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner, but police are not considering it a crime.

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On Sunday, the show's creators responded to Perry's death.

“We are shocked and deeply, deeply saddened by the death of our beloved friend Matthew. It still seems impossible. All we can say is that we are blessed to have had him as a part of our lives,” “Friends” co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane and executive producer Kevin Brights said in a statement.

Many fans of the series share the opinion of its creators, remembering the life of a man who brought joy to their homes for many years. “He was really special. He was simply a wonderful actor. We really loved “Friends,” says Suzanne Devito, a fan of the series.

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