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The New York police gave children with cancer a luxurious tour of the city


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28 children from across the country suffering from cancer visited the largest police headquarters in the United States on July 8, reports Pix11.

The children got a lot of impressions from visiting One Police Plaza in Manhattan. For them, it was a great way to take their minds off medical procedures and have a pleasant experience.

When 28 children suffering from hand, visited the largest police headquarters in the country, their faces lit up with smiles. The visit was part of a partnership between the NYPD and a national nonprofit Sunshine Kids.

“Getting the opportunity to see their smiles was incredible,” said Jennifer Wisler, executive director of Sunshine Kids. – Children are being treated in hospitals across the state, all struggling with various types of childhood hand».

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NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban gave children an exclusive tour of his office and headquarters. He showed them how the NYPD policed ​​public places like Times Square.

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“It was really cool. I never thought it all worked like this. I’m very glad that we have such policemen and they protect us,” said Abigail Martin, one of the young visitors.
Rob Dolan, 13, appreciates these visits. He has been fighting cancer since 2021. Once a week the boy goes to the oncology clinic to undergo chemotherapy and have blood tests.

He said the trip is a great way to connect with other kids fighting the same battle.

“It's an opportunity to connect with people who understand what you're going through. You have the opportunity to help them. It’s just amazing that we help each other,” Dolan said.

Sunshine Kids is a national nonprofit organization with approximately 12 participating hospitals in three states.

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