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'Fast and Furious' in New York: a Porsche stuffed with wads of money flew out of the second level of the parking lot and crashed


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On June 16, early in the morning, a Porsche car flew off the second level of one of the parking lots in New York. At the scene of the accident, police found a lot of money, but the driver was never found, reports FoxNews.

New York police are trying to figure out who was driving the Porsche before it crashed. fell from the parking garage on the second floor. On the spot accidents Stacks of money and a mobile phone were found.

Interesting details

The blue Porsche landed upside down on the lawn near the garage.

The driver fled the scene, but left a mobile phone and a large amount of money at the scene of the accident.

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A woman who identified herself as the owner of the Porsche said she traveled from Pennsylvania to New York after learning about the incident. A hospital worker who wished to remain anonymous told a local TV station that whoever was driving at the time of the accident walked to the emergency room. He survived the fall and suffered broken ribs.

“The victim said that after the accident he went home and took a nap. It shocks me that he was able to do this,” said a hospital worker.

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