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Dine in the crater of a volcano: an incredible restaurant with amazing halls has opened in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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“The dining table began to smoke, and my dish emerged from under the glass lid, from where more smoke came out. The room glowed with an amber-red hue of lava, and the sound of crackling fire filled the space, ”says Shane Weaver in a column for Time Out.

The following is her story about an unusual restaurant in New York in the first person.

I was in the Journey, a new restaurant, bar and lounge. He brings gastronomy to New York City with immersive video installations paired with fine dining and mixology.

At first glance, this may seem strange. But if you experience it, then you can have a fun evening with really good drinks and food.

Journey, which opened this week at 27 West 24th Street Madison Square Park, is a celebration of travel and the connections we make with people as we travel.

The decorated space showcases a massive collection of globes taken from antique shops, 3D sculptures of the world's most famous landmarks and buildings above the bar, an exhibition of replica antiques, and a wall of moving classic Harry Potter art.

Each zone in the space - bar, lounge and cafe - has a theatrical element.

At the bar, the cocktails you order (Legends of the Fall, Bloody Sunset, Apocalypto and Adordable Ruby) are accompanied by scenes using augmented reality. They are projected right in front of you on the bar, including whiskey professor Ben Virin.

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At Epic Café you can order a regular breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here, there are hidden 3D drawings on the dishes that can be unlocked using the app on your phone.

In a beautiful and spacious salon, which houses a collection of copies of antiques, projections bring the sculptures to life. And the hostess, dressed in stunning FashionTech outfits, tells you the stories behind them while adding theatrics.

The most impressive and exciting of all the activities in Journey is Journey 360 with a fire table inside a volcano

The culinary adventure, which seats 20 people at a long communal table, includes a 360 projection image. It takes diners to four different locations around the world.

On Monday, I visited the 360 ​​projection and was transported (on a virtual airship named Celestine) from the top of the Empire State Building to the Amazon rainforest, to the Arctic. And then to the sunken ship under water, inside the volcano and, finally, into space. Throughout the five-course prix-fixe dinner, the visual and auditory images around us were captivating. And the actress in tech clothes led us through the whole journey.

Each dish was appropriate for the setting. Amazon greens (yuca salad, tokacho, palm hearts, Cupaucu vinaigrette) in the rainforest; Arctic salmon in gin (with cucumber, horseradish, apple and dill) in the Arctic; black cod (with myyoga, bok choy and yuzu dashi glaze) underwater; stewed veal cheek (with forbidden rice risotto, harissa and marscapone); and raspberry mousse with chocolate gelato (almond texture, cardamom foam and Grand Marnier) in space.

While in the volcano, the waiters put dry ice on the table to make it smoke. Then they brought out the veal, covered with glass jars. In one synchronized movement, the waiters lifted their hats and steam poured over the dish and our cutlery. It was a crescendo, the culmination of the whole meal, and it was truly spectacular.

And yes, the visuals were fun. But the best part is watching it all happen to the people (strangers) around me. I ended up drinking a cocktail with a couple sitting opposite, which is not quite typical for me.

If you'd like to take your own trip to downtown Midtown, tickets to the Journey 360 and Journey Odyssey shows ($175) can be purchased on the Tock app and website Book a table in a cafe or salon through Open Table.

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