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Brooklyn President Can Fund Your Neighborhood Improvement Project: How to Apply


Lyudmila Balabay

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If you have ideas on how to improve life in Brooklyn, the president of this borough can provide funding for the implementation of your project. The New York City Charter allows each borough president to appropriate capital funding annually for specific projects to create new infrastructure or improve existing infrastructure. Capital funding can be used for projects to create or improve parks, streets, schools, hospitals, affordable housing and cultural institutions.

Capital funding applications from Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso are now open for FY 2025 capital funding.

You can apply here.

“Capital funding is the engine of change in our city,” Reynoso said. “The applications we receive help us understand Brooklyn's priorities and needs... If you or someone you know has a project that is eligible for capital or discretionary funding, now is the time to submit an application to the Borough President's office.”

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How to apply

All organizations requesting funding for capital projects occurring on City-owned property (including parks, public schools and public buildings) must complete application for capital financing (Brooklyn Borough President's Office FY25 Capital Funding Application). This is enough for city organizations.

Non-profit organizations must also fill out an application for NYC CapGrants Portal, and cultural organizations should additionally send Capital Funding Request – DCLA (

All of these applications must be submitted until 17:00 February 22, 2024.

You can find out more about the program here и here.

If you have questions about Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso's capital budget or the discretionary capital funding program, please direct them to Astrid Quas, Director of Capital Expenditures and Budget: [email protected].

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