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The first snow of the season is approaching: winter weather is coming to New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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New York is bracing for a gust of coldest weather for the 2022-23 season. Though that doesn't mean much for now, given the record-breaking heat wave that literally scorched some places a week ago. NBC New York.

While Central Park plunged into sub-zero temperatures for the first time this season on the morning of November 14, expect it to become a regular occurrence. Highs during November 15 will be no more than +4 degrees Celsius.

By Tuesday evening, rain is expected, in the north and west it will snow in places. In other places you can see frost. Higher ground is more likely to get some snow. However, no significant snowfall is expected.

In areas far to the north and west of the city, up to 7 centimeters of snow could fall during Wednesday. But most of the tri-state will see less than 3 centimeters of snow, if at all. No snow is expected in New York City itself.

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The National Weather Service has issued winter weather warnings for Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York, Sussex County in New Jersey and Pike County in Pennsylvania. The service warned of the possibility of ice formation between noon Tuesday and mid-morning Wednesday. Driving can be dangerous and sidewalks can be slippery.

Meanwhile, cold torrential rain is expected in New York, Long Island, most of New Jersey and coastal Connecticut.

After a cold snap today (November 15), most of the weather will clear up by noon on Wednesday. Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties in New York can still get quite chilly early Wednesday morning. Therefore, residents of these regions are advised to take additional precautions on the roads. Might be slippery.

Despite a slight warming on Wednesday, we will not return to 20-degree November Saturdays. Temperatures in New York will be below 10 degrees Celsius for the foreseeable future. And Saturday's highs may not exceed -1 degree. For now, holiday travel prospects look good. Although there is a chance of rain on Thanksgiving.

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