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Missing 13-year-old boy from Brooklyn rode trains for 4 days before he could return home


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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A 13-year-old Brooklyn teenager who disappeared at the end of last month returned home 4 days later on September 28. All this time he rode the train, not wanting to return home after a quarrel with his stepmother. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital for examination, reports Pix11.

The teen's mother flew to New York from Kansas City, Missouri, to find her son, who lived with his father in Brownsville.

“He went to Harlem by train,” the boy's mother said on October 2 morning. “He rode that train back and forth for four days.”

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The mother said that the boy, a high school student, returned to his father's house only to take clothes. The 13-year-old left after a disagreement with his stepmother about being selected for the basketball team.

“I called his mom. And then he called an ambulance to make sure everything was in order,” the father said. “They took him to the Brookdale hospital and they released him soon after. The mother said she was going to pick him up.”

On October 2, the boy's mother announced that he had returned to her and now lives in Missouri. The boy lived with his father for more than a year while she took care of medical problems in Missouri.

Mom said the boy didn't know the media had covered his disappearance after his parents contacted the Black and Missing Foundation and later the NYPD.

“Thank you for publishing his story,” said mother Mary Murphy.

The father said that he felt bad because the boy had moved out of his home in Brownsville and moved in with his mother. His older brother continues to live there along with his younger half-siblings.

“I would like him to be with me,” said the father. - It hurts".

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